Nats Legacy Chest and Boots

Demon Hunter
I just acquired these 2 peices in a trade and was wondering about what they are worth. Cant find a chest to compare with this one on AH.

Nats Shadow Chest - 330 armor, 80 dex, 192 Vit, 6% life, Grenades 5%.

Nats Soul Boots - 122 Dex, 52 resists, 202 armor, 12% MS, Melee 3%.

I would usually go to the trading forums to post but hoping somebody could help me here. Thanks
Chest ~25-50 Mill
Boots ~100-140 Mill

Legacy Nat's items tend to fluctuate in price a bit more than other items so you can get more if the timing is right, but these are the prices that I see that tend to sell decently fast.

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