How important is 4 piece zuni's?

Witch Doctor
Just curious, cause I could gain some dps by switching out the helm or getting a much better ring because I can't afford an amazing pox, but will the lack of mana regen kill me?
I ended getting a zuni pox with +dmg and a soc for cheaper which was similar to 3/4 cc but my INT was up at 2800-3100 so it worked. The zuni helm I got with mana regen instead of cc. I ended up with 140k dps and mana regen was really nice. I could spam bear forever with vision quest and spiders. Widows would be good if you had a cc helm. More mana, more damage and survival with life steal. Now I'm into 0 dog so stashed everything for now. Might spin up another wd for that gear.
After looking at your gear, you are similar geared to what I was. You might be able to get away from as much mana use if you skorn built, got better DPS helm etc. and work on DoT only skills like haunt, acid cloud or locust so you dont have to case as often and do large per hit damage.

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