Dagger build (updated with rare pants )

Yes..2.73 aps with 50cc / 4500armor / 807 ar / 42k hp / 258k dps / 20 apoc / 2.2ls / 562 loh..
Wow that is impressive. Good job. How much did that dagger run you? Also edit: that's only a 37% increased damage dagger. Jesus christ imagine if you had a 45%+ one.
Nice! I've been thinking about a similar setup for a while now but couldn't get the numbers to work... probably needed a gg dagger like yours.

GG Dagger is the key. And you, sir, have a very excellent Dagger :D
Void, welcome to the dagger club.. yeah i have bad AR.. but working on it.. its just everything is now posted on forums instead of AH.. all the godly stuff.. yeah.. but good stuff.. hope to play with you soon
hey rag. ur dps is crazy..!
yeah.. gotta sacrifice something man.. but yeah black dagger for me seems so much better.. im goin frostburn style..havent found anything i want lately on AH.. so my dps stayed the same for a bit lol..
Personally I really like the extra dps from using the dagger+zuni+SC, etc. I tried the chanto 2pc and it was great for Ubers but for solo farming it's hard to beat high dps, as long as the APS is sufficiently high. My dagger isn't as awsome as yours due to lack of LS but it's about the same dps. Then again I think that dagger is worth more than all my gear combined...
Can you test your effective DPS black vs chants?
9.5/10 love daggers. Only reason you dont have 10 is not working a apoc trium in there but your Allegence and Vile need GG VIT to make that happen so you could wear AR ARMOR lacuni.
Nice idea, on a sidenote, how many of you guys are crafting your daggers hoping to get lucky? I rolled off about 15 last night and had some nice stats on some, but not on the 2 IAS rolls.
Now all you need is an APOC trium, and a godly pair of lacunis....and the rear power of the dagger will be unleashed.
@Junger,yes, I will do and post ghom stats just now

@Aim, no, a higher avg dmg force has higher dps then a high dmg apoc trium. its mainly because that i have 3 ele bonuses already and the force counts it all in, while the trium actually wont benefit that much

@couchy.. pray to rng godx xD
It's funny that you updated it with Inna's last night and before you did I was looking into the possibility of swapping in Inna's for BT for my dagger build. The problem for me is lack of LoH in the process because my dagger doesn't have LS, and I didn't have enough gold to buy a LoH ring until something sold just 20 min ago. I'll have to try it out sometime today but it gained me 20k dps, even with vit gems in the pants, because my trium is like 50 ave damage higher than my Chanto, and was cheaper. I lost like 100 AR and 200 armor though, but I'm still around 3800/800 so I think I'm good for MP9-10 KD2/CotA.

Regarding the Chanto vs Trium at high gear levels, if money isn't an issue, I can see Chanto eventually taking over when you're talking about BiS stuff but otherwise I still say trium if you don't need the IAS from chanto because they're like 1/10th the price for similar dps. To use myself as an example, with my gear setup a 300 ave chanto with max crit/IAS is about the same dps as a 250 trium with 5/6/6 and max crit. The difference is the chanto would cost billions while the trium is like a couple hundred mil based on what's on the AH atm. IMO the real problem is needing the IAS to reach breakpoints since you're stuck with SC for APoC (unless you try that 10 APoC KD2 farming setup that RulerEric is showing off).
mp10 ghom 138.4m life
standard sns with bonechill
dagger build with 50cc/2.73aps/263k dps 1.19/1.16/1.14

chant wand buid wit 52.5cc/2.76aps/243k dps 1.20/1.23/1.22

edps with dagger = 136.4/(79+76+74)*3 = 1.787 mil dps
edps with chant = 136.4/(80+83+82)*3 = 1.670 mil dps

multipliers dagger = 1.787/ 263 = 6.795 ////// chant = 1.670/243 = 6.872

( i think the 2.5 cc made the small difference)
Thanks, I sim'd something similar. I get a small gain going Black, but I lose a ton of EHP going to Stormcrow and even with high-end Zuni boots over Mempo/Ice Climbers.
Being able to have life steal seems really cool, I picked up a pretty good storm crow just to test with, and the -10k, -15k, -.5% red numbers hurt to see go. Also taking off my ice climbers for zunis is another 8k life gone, but I could fix that with better zunis, currently they are 8/145int/146vit/76all .. a higher int roll with 180+ vit brings them closer to my climbers.

Anyways what I think is for this to work for me and not lose too much dps, ehp I would need a really godly dagger (i.e. 1200+ black, cd/ls/os).. otherwise I don't see a benefit to the build other then being different.
@Pot.. the daggers u stated only exist in dreams.
03/19/2013 11:23 AMPosted by Potentiality
Anyways what I think is for this to work for me and not lose too much dps, ehp I would need a really godly dagger (i.e. 1200+ black, cd/ls/os).. otherwise I don't see a benefit to the build other then being different.

not really, my dagger isn't even close to that but including the set bonus an 1150+ socket chantodo wand is less than a 10k dps gain. i'd give up way more than that for lifesteal.

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