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Im a hardcore WW barb with 2 different gear specs. One with high dmg/ls other with low dmg/loh plus more protection. I have researched all the little detains involved and dang!! the numbers with the nerfs.. Procs. Its mind blowing to me... Maybe some of you will be better at it.

Skills are typical for WW barb you can check em but i think i have those right.
Bash(punish), WW(Hurricane), WOTB(Thrive), Sprint(Rthw), BattleRage(Fray) Warcry(Impunity)
Passives (Ruthless, Weapons master, Inspiring Presence)

Ill give ya some numbers. All this is buffed

1st build High dmg Duel wield

Dmg 88,000
HP 60k
Armor 6400
Resist 600-700
Life Regen 1900 (while passive active) (2400 if i use certain ammy) but dmg drops to 78k
Life Steal 7.79 (Dual wield)
Loh 0
APS 1.49 - 1.61 (Goes up way higher with my EF 1.77 - 1.90) but loose some of the LS +1k dmg -3k hp Been messing around with doin ef for IAS
Crit Chance 48.5
Crit Dmg 410%

2nd Build Low dmg Shield/loh

Dmg 59k
HP 50k
Armor 7600
Resist 750-850
Life Regin 1700
Life Steal 5.3%
Loh 1500
APS 1.3
CC 50.5
CD 287%
Shield Grants 26% block 3.7-4.7k

My biggest question is which will return more life to me? I realize my nadoes from RLTW are key to the build with all the nerfs 80% inferno... Proc .08.. etc etc.. I have done a little reasearch :) Ive been trying to crunch some numbers together and cant determine which is better. Most would say go with the shield for protection. The attack speed with first build will make nados tick faster (more fury-life) faster overall. The life regen helps allot... really nice if i spec all for that... but higher MP levels stinks it seems for life regen :) So basicly 1st build with Fast Attacks (more ticks) relying purly on LS or would the 1500 loh benifit me more and still have 5.3 ls? Im thinking i should go with the shield combo just for the protection in HC.. or at least untill i have break the 100k unbuffed dmg barrier and go duel wield... Which i see allot of really good people do. And i have 50 mil if you think i should move my gear around a little.. take a look (Show ya shield build)

Thanks for any help you can provide... Ive been going nuts with barbs ever since my first one Para(16) died due to lag...(RIP)
Drop the War Cry and get Rend + Bloodlust. Look at my barb's stats. They are garbage. I only have 2.9% LS, no LoH, 368 AR. Yet I can survive MP8 solo and MP10 in a group all because I absorb hundreds of thousands of HP per second by spamming Rend every few seconds. (I also use Ground Stomp + Wrenching Smash which pulls all enemies closer to me, allowing me to hit more of them in a single Rend, but I'm probably already causing enough trouble by suggesting you change a single skill)
Its ok.. Ive experimented with all builds.. Switched to skorn once and tried rend build.. didn't like the slow attack speed :) My last barb died due to lag... and with most barbs if you dont attack you dont gain life. I hust happen to lag right on top of a Arcane node... LOL Or so i think because when it said i died i was pry 20 yards from any arcane or monster. I was gonna go purely defence.. Frenzy/Rend (revenge possibly) just for all the available life gain abilities. But i ended up with WW barb again.. I just enjoy it better i suppose :) Thanks for the tip tho.. I may still end up there :)
The more ehp you gear for, the longer you will live. I survived lag countless times and even a DC. Looking at your gear, you need the following upgrades:

1. Craft a good vitality amulet with str and ar as secondary rolls.
2. You should have crafted vitality bracers, you'll need to make the vit up elsewhere since you got a good roll on yours already.
3. You may be able to craft vitality shoulders that blow your vile wards away.
4. Get a helm of command, you may gain 500k+ ehp right there.
5. You could probably gain tons of ehp by crafting nice vitality rare gloves(you lose 60 ar from the set bonus, but can make it up on the crafted gloves anyway) and get a high str belt with life regen, don't worry about LS, it's nearly useless at your dps point.
6. Trade the lifesteal for LOH on your wep or get one with 250 vitality so you regenerate alot more life.
7. Missing vit on one ring and resists on the other.
Vit will get me more Health... More EPH... but the more i do that the more my DMG goes down... Which also means less Healing as far as life steal... Loh that doesn't matter... So what your saying is Lower myself down a little?
As a disclaimer: I play softcore.

I used to run all LOH pre 1.05? whenever they nerfed the proc of RLTW and added ubers. I think at the time I did maybe 70k dps. I was getting destroyed with over 1500 LOH. Previously you could just run away from mobs and all the hits from your tornados would regen you quickly and it changed after the patch to the point where you could get more regen from life regen than tornado LOH procs. I put on bloodlust for the 3% and it was easily 4x the healing even with that low dps. Essentially blizz forced running high dps barb builds to survive, IMO. Even with the 80% nerf LS is superior to LOH in a WW build. If you stack it you can get up to 12%, when i was running almost that, like 11+% and only at 110-120k dps MP10 was easy. My normal high mp build now runs 170k dps or so and 8.4%. Whirlwind's only achilles heel is ranged mobs really, especially if they have health link and/or ground affixes.

I run frenzy maniac in WOTB and can just stand and swing with pretty much any mob on any mp and live, the regen on a 300k crit is pretty big and with frenzy stacks happens often.

TL:DR I think LS is better.

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