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Hello All! In recent times D3 has gone through a lot of changes and the community has become a bit thinner and more spread out and to counter that folks have been creating their own social groups. At the CDXLIV Stream there is a friendly community of both new & old D3 players that are always looking for new faces to either group with, help out, carry in ubers, pvp with or just hang out with.

The CDXLIV Stream Community has hosted their own 512 person Team Speak and made it available for public use to the entire D3 community! All that is asked is you are a respectful & decent individual with the same goal of having fun.

There are over 30 different channels with a channel dedicated to PvP, to farming, to ubers, you name it and you are all welcome to join! There are no requirements, no restrictions and you are encouraged to tell your friends about it and bring them in!

Server Address: voice.cdxliv.tv
Server Password: candle

See you there!

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