What to look for on Main hand weapons for WD

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What stats to look for, as you can tell my current main hand is pretty bad

Is there a specific legendary i should look for with like INT and life steal on it?

I recently realised (correct me if im wrong) that IAS isnt too good for my current Zombie Bears build

So if possible could one of you explain to me what to look for and if there are specific legendaries tell me


Look for one with the highest dps w/ these affixes: life steal, crit damage, and a socket. One with int is certainly a plus. The Manajuma's Carving Knife can come with all the above stats and are one of the preferred weapons for WD's. Their dps is limited though. Alot of us prefer to just go with a rare black damage weapon. You'll have to weigh the attk speed of the weapon vs. its dps (i.e. dagger has lower dps, but hits faster than a hammer.)
really depends on your build.

If you're going for bears, get a weapon with Life Steal and socket. You will need to boost your DPS to notice the effects of life steal. Now the manajuma's knife is a good weapon but you will be trading off some mana regen for a socket. This early in the game, I suggest get a rare ceremonial knife with good mana regen and a socket... swap out that PTV passive for a mana rune and use spiders instead of firebomb.

If you're going for acid cloud and procs, I suggest get one with Life on Hit.
try low speed high black(non elemental) dmg weapons with Life Steal, Crit Dmg, some stats (int/vit if any)

increased attack speed should be considered only if you are trying something really new, or up very, very high end gear.
Skywalkers guide is a pretty thorough account of what you need on a WD weapon.

The only thing I would add relates to attack speed. As a general rule, the best weapons for WD are slow, but hard hitting. The slower the weapon, the slower you'll run out of mana. If you find that you are rarely running out of mana then add some attack speed on other items. For most players, using a dagger (1.4aps) means you can use, at most, 2 other ias items. If you are using a spear (1.2 aps) you can use 4 ias items (meaning more dps) while using the same amount of mana. The only exceptions to this are players with hugely high dps, who can kill monsters before they run out of mana. Most people on mp10 will have mana issues, so a slower weapon is better.

The perfect weapon for WD on mp10 is a spear/mace with really high base damage, a socket, CD, and life steal*

* I actually prefer weapons without life steal. This allows for more dps. As long as I can kill things quickly, I can rely on health globes to survive. This works for me all the way up to MP10. The only problem is that I have to switch to life steal every time I see a reflect mob...
I think my spear was the top ranked LS spear w/out ias on it if you want to check it out.
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