Und1.07 Legendaries will have same 1.08 Primary Stats?

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Just wondering.....

I have some Und 1.07 Legendary items, should I wait until 1.08 goes live to identify them ???



item stats are rolled when the item is dropped....may as well ID them now

Thanks Bizi

Whats the point of farming??? in 1.07 lol.......
im having a hell of a time just even wanting to load up the game now that these changes ( that are severely over due ) are coming. Until 1.08 that is.

I hope they add a 1 handed modifier to 2 handed weapons sooner than later and add gem combining with potions to make half / full rejuvs.
The change for legendaries are a thought in Itemization update. They are not confirmed for 1.08. here..


there are only 3 change that are confirmed for 1.08

1. Mob density change.
2. Multi crafting (you can craft lots of thing at same time) like 20 radiant star, just set it up. Doesn't confirm new crafting recipe.
3. AH tooltip compare.

Perhaps CM should sticky Travis Day clarification regarding 1.08 ?

Lots of people didn't read it, and they probably will expect the Developer Journal: Itemization Update all going up on 1.08.
1.08 still wont do !@#$ about itemization...
afaik, you might as well wait for 1.09 or 1.1


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