Why RoE?

Witch Doctor
Ok. I'm sure you will want me to post it up. :)
When I originally started this thread I had never previously tried RoE so I was just theory crafting about the functionality of it. I understand the benefits of RoE now.
I was running http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#gfidUT!cfe!ZcZccc in MP5 ubers the other night and I was kind of having survivability issues at first (I died 2 or 3 times on the fart guy) and even the others came close to killing me a few times. Suggestions on altering this build or maybe I have the MP too high based off my gear?
I just dinged 60 on wd hc. I was using an infinite well of souls spam.

base mana regen is 54

using blood ritual, roe.

if I hold and spam well of souls. my mana regen rises until it hits 132.38

my attack speed being 1.5 only.

on my softcore wd, using 2.28 attack speed and base mana regen of 68. spamming well of souls raises my mana regen 180. i do get OOM message towards that end. but if I use spirtual attunement, then I don't and the mana regen raises till 187 (base mana regen 79.7)

considering the well of souls does pretty decent single target damage of 425% and also works as a semi aoe.
(i'm not sure how much damage it does with ptv, is it (230+20) + (65+20)*3

I suppose there is some sweet spot where you can use wos with a attack speed oriented wd

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