What item is your hero's most cherished possession?

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My most cherished possession in D3 is gold, as it allows me to purchase usable weapons and items from the Auction House.
My junk legendaries that I actually found now sitting in my stash but can't for the life of me turn to Brimstone even though I know I should.
Since it is self-found,
My monk's gloves and nats ring are my cherished possessions (that i might sell in AH if i REALLY wanted to upgrade my other lacking gears)
My echoing fury - I had to grind for it - no rmah.
My account bound crafted items. That's something that can't be exploited by bots because it can't be sold on the AH. The moment real money is involved in the economy of a game people start to cheat (bots/hacks) to obtain greater amounts of it.
self found 1.09 Windforce

honourable mention to my Ist'd Occy an item farmers best friend
My favorite item was the gg gloves I accidentally vendored late one night and never saw again.
selffound ik belt i have used for many many hours of gameplay you can view it in my profile
The calamity that i am using

Dropped off elite pack around pl 90

Seems ages ago though, dh has pl 100 for awhile now.

Nothing like finding your own wep upgrade that is still worth a fortuneto this day

Without mg ruby

Obviusly black wep
50% damage
1338 dps
88 crit
Open socket

Kept a smile on my face for awhile :)

The mfd i think is 28 but doesnt matter it constantly procs even if mfd is in 20s i would say thats a n factor if anyone is thinking about going calamity
My Trifecta nats ring(8,43,4) with 466LOH.

I run a SNS wizard which nearly every other one I see, has to run LOH in the Amulet slot. My ring lets me use my godly rolled Quadfecta crafted BOA Ammy.
My Witching Hour. The only item on my wiz that I've dropped.
For me it's every latest upgrade I got, since I hope to use it for a while.
My Thing of the Deep because it was the first piece of gear that I had ever found that I actually could use myself.

It was the first time I was ever like "Hey, this makes me want to level a WD so I can use it"
The self found IK chest on my barb "Barbarik" that I found in the land of lollipops, flowers and unicorn's. I have been told that this chest is Godly by others. It was one of the first legendaries that I found (and I have found many) and probably the only one that I didn't Brim. The rest I have had to buy, such is the state of the "loot" in D3.
I can confidently say that I have never felt a sense of attachment to an item in Diablo 3. I could vendor all my gear and not feel like I lost something special.

There were so many great Diablo 2 items but one of my favorites was ".8 Arkaine's Valor"
What is your hero's most cherished Diablo III possession?

most likely the self-found spiderman beat on my sc barb's diabloprogress page.
I would have to say my amulet, it's brutal like Chuck Norris

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