What item is your hero's most cherished possession?

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For me it'd have to be a String of Ears I found a few days after release on the road to Alcarnus in nightmare. The item itself isn't very good but for me it's a classic Diablo item and the first legendary I've found (that wont be lost to inactivity) ;)
I have not fell in love with any particular item. If I think some item is a little weaker I just change like its nothing. I have to say that before the game went out I though that would be a little different. I love the Bul'Kathos weapons... but I don't use them... so... yeah... I use to love my Immortals complete set in barb in Diablo II if thats worth anything for you guys ;). Cheers
My zunimassa's chest, it was a christmas gift from a friend :D
Well a few days ago, i found a Mempo Of Twilight with 9 attck speed, 12percent life, 190 str., and 4 crit chance. my DPS on my barb unbuffed is 230k :D
occulus = given
definatley my unity because ifound it myself and was an awesome upgrade when i found it. it felt like diablo when that baby was idented
That is tough... between my new dagger, which is an awesome weapon, and my storm shield, which has kept me alive through countless encounters.
my hellfire ring on my monk, if only it would have had IAS and arcane res instead of fire.. my happiness would be undescribable xD
My barbarian's, #1 Name(Whirl N Hurl), #2 Echoing Fury (Self found), and #3 Amulet (Self Crafted)!
Nothing because i cant touch them :(
My witch doctor's self-found Thing of the Deep. I love the 20 yard pickup radius and how it opens up new builds when used with Circle of Life, Grave Injustice, and/or Gruesome Feast.
My Amulet
My legit 3‰ 0.24 12XX DPS ef. And my soj
My manticore. I likes it b/c its best on server :D
my monks won khim lau for sure!
From EU: http://eu.battle.net/d3/profile/deltami-1632/hero/1924876

I love my selffound Ice Climbers and Witching Hour!

I love my crafted Hellfire Ring and Gloves.

I like my Shoulder with the increased Pickup Radius a friend gifted me.

I manage to farm MP5 without dying, but my All Res has strongly suffered (I even use now Hardened Wrath) since I bought the Skorn and started focusing on iAS Items.

Need the same items I already own but with Allres and Vit for higher MP ;)
the bul kathos wedding band i keep in my stash because im married.
Amulet. Self-found.
On my DH I like my amulet cause I found it and my gloves because I crafted them. On my Wiz I like my Boots and my Wand

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