What item is your hero's most cherished possession?

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My amulet

Executioner's Focus (Crafted, of course)

+218 Int
+198 Vit
+44 Poison Resistance
+96% Crit Damage
+45% Magic Find
+8.5% Critical Hit Chance

It's as if they knew all the things I wanted and gave it to me (except for the Poison Resistance)
Mine lacuni prowler bracer since they are OP and self found, and also worth a lot if need to be sold :D
It's a tough choice to make, but I'd Have to say my Hellfire ring is my most cherished.
My Calamity
Easily my Manticore because it was self found.

I considered selling it on the AH because it would have netted me a somewhat decent amount (for me), but the upgrade for myself was also very nice and seeing as how my DH is my main, I figured I'd keep him as beefy as possible.
i really like my off-hand dagger. i've had it for so long i don't even remember where i got it, if i found it or AH it.
While I found my Thing of the Deep myself, my favourite piece is still my Manajuma's Carving Knife. The thought of using anything but a Manajuma's is complete alien and foreign to me.
Sword and trifecta ring and Witching Hour on my WD. (All 3 are self-found. Crazy feeling.) If i can, i'd say my whole career is my cherished stuff because i NEVER used the RMAH to obtain any of my gear. (i don't even have a paypal or credit card.) Just farming and selling for gold then farming some more. My barb can even farm MP10 so im very proud of it. And it's really possible to advance without the RMAH so yeah. Positive thinking i guess.
My witching hour!

Only belt with attack speed and critical damage truely make it a legendary! And any time a witching hour drops (if I'm so lucky enough) I always know it will be good and get super freaking happy to see it! And I did find mine! And it rolled with intel and vital and I was so freaking happy!!!

Now if I could only get that same feeling when any legendary drops... ;)
My Uhkapian Serpent, which I won on a bid for a measly 2mil.
I like my knife quite a bit too.
My "Birthday Suit" since everything else is constantly getting upgraded ;)
My Hero's most cherished possession....

I believe it would be the beer stein that he got during his visit to the Dulghar Oasis Beer Garden. It's a local's tavern (mainly drunk, unruly swarms and the occasional laid off keep guard) but has a nice selection of D3 microbrews. As you know, Monks are quite fond of beer and brewing...His personal favorites are the TristamShandy (it's light with a bit of citrus) and the Duriel Dunkel (a darker, fuller beer.) The stein itself is similar to Das Boot but with a few noteable magical properties...

Das Stein:
-20% Movement speed
+15% Confidence

It is part of the Legendary Drinking Set "Liquid Courage"

Other sets items:

1. Mad Dog's Beer Goggles (Legendary Spirit Stone)
*Increases perceived attractiveness by 3 (1-10 scale)
*Decreases Visiblity by 38-45%
2. Vegas' Band of Drunken Marriage (Ring, of course)
* This Ring Sometimes summons your wife to force you to quit playing
* Adds 25% to fidelity
*Reduces fun by 98%
3. Mad Dog's Wobbly Fist (Fist Weapon)
*Adds 10-100 to Argument skills (based on character level/players age)
*Occasionally Stops you from falling on your face
*Increases chances of falling on your face by 62%

The set bonuses vary, but completing the set forces the wearer to go to rehab (Act 4)
Skorn the Badass, on EU WD. Self-found!
my rare ring...
havent been able to find an upgrade since i bought it 2 mons ago for 100m

even top end Unity's @ 2b only upgrade is 1k dps with a 9% asp loss.
It's a tie between my new Tal-Rasha Ammy w/ crit <3 or my ceremonial dag...both were AH snags I feel lucky to have gotten.
Id love to answer this question but the game randomly caused my most precious item to vanish 2 months ago and customer service was completely useless in assisting me.

In fact customer service was so far the opposite of helpful that they even threatened to take action against my account for making tickets asking for assistance in this matter.

Clearly, blizzard cares more about the game economy rather than the satisfaction and well being of their customers. I feel now that I am lacking motivation to continue playing due to my complete lack of faith in the stability of this game. What happens when down the road another important item vanishes due to this buggy game thus being set back by weeks AGAIN? !@#$ that.
My thing of the deep. It was the item that inspired me to make a WD.
My queen of blades wings :D
My DH's Cluckeye. ...I kinda have a soft spot for chickens. Don't ask.

Other than that, my barb is quite fond of his Three-Hundredth Spear, even if it isn't as useful at 60.

My Wiz likes his Slorak's Madness... even if it laughs at him.

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