I just saw a dustcloud blow through the forum

Aus/NZ General Discussion
seems a little quiet around here lately ...

There are still plenty of people posting, but the cohesion within the forum seems a little detached at times.

tbh, a good IRC or VoIP would really bring the ANZ community closer. Too bad that nobody is willing to decide on one, let alone actively connect to them.

I spend a lot of time in the monk forumm - this one is always dead.
We took your tumbleweed and doubled it

I've lived in little country towns in western NSW for the last 4 years ....

Never seen a tumbleweed but seen plenty of dust clouds :)

i have seen alot of spinifex rolling by in the wind however, but this is more WA and NT then the east coast.

on these forums... i have a feeling the dust cloud is a rogue witch doctor lol

I spend the majority of my time in the wiz forums, just pop in here for a bit once in a while
It happens from time to time, I check the forums daily but it's only needed to post sometimes.

We have a good community here and i f people ever need something they can generally post something and get help, seems we have a lot of people reading the forums atleast. =)
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Perhaps aussie's don't view forums are a social portal other than for complaints. Or if someone just started random topics of discussion about australian current affairs I wouldn't mind..

Some guys i play with don't bother coming in here for social because it's already hijacked for complaints so any conversation is really just carried in our game sessions.
I check here everyday too, but I dont get too much from this side of things in the forums. It's def nice to know we've got out own section though!
I think that it is a great way to communicate with other that you don't have means otherwise to talk to. We ran the whole TSL PVP tourney via this forum and it was a life saver. Great tool if used properly for constructive crit, and not for moaning about the horrible lagg we all suffer from, to telling blizz that they should have done the game like this or like that. I think this fourm is great in compairission with say the general forum...nothing but negitivity there.
03/15/2013 04:39 PMPosted by Troubleshoot
I think this fourm is great in compairission with say the general forum...nothing but negitivity there.

and hate, a lot of hate. Where has the love gone lol.
Used be quite active around here 4-6 months ago, still see a couple of familiar faces around but mostly it's quiet around here as of late.
*runs across the pitch naked *

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