Never had so much fun but need some advice

I have finally found a build that I am really enjoying even if it is not as effective as CM or Archon. However I could really use some help refining the build and gearing appropriately.

At the moment I can farm pretty well at around ap 3-4 5 is pushing it! Check out my profile and you will see what I am trying to do.

Thanks it advance for any help it is much appreciated.
you definitely would not want a fast weapon when using a channeling skill. better use liek spears or mace or 2handers like skorn so you wont run out of AP that much
03/14/2013 01:54 AMPosted by yems
you definitely would not want a fast weapon when using a channeling skill. better use liek spears or mace or 2handers like skorn so you wont run out of AP that much

What stats should I be prioritizing? and what sets would you recommend?
Don't use Black Ice- use Sleet Storm!
So fast weapons make you run out of AP faster when channeling?
get a stormcrow, witching hour, better rings, thats for start.
03/14/2013 02:15 PMPosted by Maethros
So fast weapons make you run out of AP faster when channeling?

Yes, AP cost is spent every attack animation on average, so doubling your attack speed means you use AP twice as fast.
Thanks for the help but I remain more confussed than ever as all these one liners don't really help paint a picture of what I need to focus my attention on.

So I am looking to get a storm crow and witching our, new rings? What stats, should I be using a two hander?
Can anyone give me some help with this?
Well there's a lot to do as you're only starting the process of gearing your char. Ask yourself, what do you want to achieve?

More survavibility? More dps? Farming higher mp level? Being more effective?

Either way, you will need all the gear here mentioned as they are necessary for dps and some for ehp.

What you need to prioritize is: intelligence, critical chance, critical damage, vitality, armor, all resistance, attack speed (if not using channeling spells). What is your budget?
Hi Tyrant.

Get socketed Chants want, or, better buy rare wand with: arcane power on crit, LIFE STEAL, crit dmg, socket.

Then there are possibru improvements on all other gear of course, but you did all the basics right, so just continue in what you are doing.
Get a good skorn with lifesteal. Storm Crow with ray of frost crit chance. Stay at 1.0 attack speed. Prioritize crit chance, crit damage, average damage and int. You could also check out my female wiz, but she was supposed to be for pvp before I discovered the sleet storm build.

Check out Malakai and Heroscaper's gear. They are better optimized for a channeling build.
Tyrant. Look at my profile and copy it :)

Basically skorn with lifesteal, crit hit, crit damage, int, vit, resist all, armor.
Since I assume that proximity of your enemy is an issue, you may want to consider adding some knockback. Strongarm Bracers may be a nice crutch along your way to keep those enemies knocking away instead of swarming around you. I would then ditch force weapon and go with blood magic so that when you are swarmed, you at least have a chance of dps-ing your way out of the fight.

I do not see the point of Black Ice, to be very honest with you. You slow down the enemy with Ray of Frost. If you want to slow down other enemies...just hit them with ray of Frost. Blizzard also snares so, I think that rune is over kill. Perhaps try using the rune that lowers the cost so you can channel it for longer, or perhaps the rune that increases the beam's slow effect so you may hit more enemies with it and get the same result?

I understand your thinking behind slow time, but again, with a ranged build that already has two snares (RoF and Blizzard), do you really need a third? It looks to me like you are trying to mitigate the incoming damage because your gear isn't necessarily up to par to TAKE alot of incoming damage. That's ok, the higher your EHP goes, the less damage mitigating spells you will need to employ, opening up the way for more offensive spells. Speaking of which, I might recommend a Hydra here. Casting it before you begin channeling will lay down some alternative cover fire.

All in all, get that EHP up, and you can lose some of those defensive spells :)
Thanks for the responses

So i need to prioritise;

Intelligence, Cititcal Damage, Critical Chance, lifesteal, apoc and vitality? Look for the best two hander I can buy?

Which means I can get rid of my attack speed and replace it with something else as I want attack speed to be around 1 per second?
Hi Tyrant. That's right. Don't forget armor too.
Here's the best in slot items for your Ray of Frost build:

Weapon: Skorn hands down best in slot. Get one with 5%+ Lifesteal and highest Int, Crit Damage within your budget. Since it occupies 2 slots, you save a lot of gold compared to getting a good 1-hander and a good source.

Storm Crow with Ray of Frost Crit Chance. Much cheaper than ones with regular CC. 10 apoc.
You can also go with a rare hat. Key stats are cc, Ray of Frost CC, 10 apoc. You can also pick up AR here since Storm Crow only has 1 random roll.

Vile Ward with 200+ Int, 70+ Vit and 150+ Strength.

Chest: Zuni Marrow, highest Int, Vit and Armor within your budget

Ammy: Rare with Crit Chance, Crit Damage, Int, Average Damage. You can also go with Tal Rasha or Ray of Frost Mara's.

Gloves: You can try to craft ones with high Int, CC and CHD.

Bracers: Just craft ones with 4.5-6% CC.

Belt: I don't really want the attack speed on Witching Hour for this build. But it gives you a huge DPS boost. Get one with only 8% IAS and the highest CHD you can afford. Rares with Int/Vit/AR/Armor will be cheaper and have better EHP for the price.

Ring 1 Stone of Jordan with Ray of Frost Crit.
Ring 2 Zuni Pox for the 3-piece bonus or any rare with CC, CHD, Avg Damage, Int

Pants: Any rare. Stack as much Vit/AR/armor as you can here. This is your EHP slot.

Boots: Zuni Trail with 8% Poison Damage. Ideal random rolls are AR and Armor but those are expensive.

Hope this helps.

Edit: I actually like the Frostburn Gauntlets on your character. 6% to cold damage is huge with Skorn. Also, 30% bonus damage to all cold skills is huge too, even if it doesn't show up on your paper DPS. Instead of Ice Reflect, try out the Frozen Storm rune. You can spam it while channeling Ray of Frost. Also try Sleet Storm instead of Black Ice and see how you like it.
You will know that you did a good job of balancing the stats on your character if, when you view your profile, these are the Top 5 most prevalent bonuses on your gear (in any order)

Crit Chance
Crit Damage
All Resist
Thanks heaps guys!
Hello all, I am definitely interested in the response to this post as I use RoF and Blizzard as my primary skills love the ideas for the equipment, I am using 4 pieces from Tal's and getting the full bonus if someone could look it over and make recommendations would appreciate it.

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