WTB Nice WD Ring!

Items and Crafting
Budget : 10,000,000 - 25,000,000

Depends how long it takes for someone to post something decent in here, got a few things going on where I might be able to sell a few items.

Not replacing the Zunimassa's Pox, keeping it for set bonus.

Looking for :

Average Damage
Critical Hit Chance 4.0
Any Critical Hit Damage
All Resists +50

Let me know what you guys have for around that price!
I have something higher than what you're looking for, you might wanna consider it and spend more. It's worth it.


zuni-like stats.
What kind of price you talking?
Sent you a request. Let's talk ingame.
At work. Will talk tomorrow or maybe over the weekend. Sorry! :D
Still interested, if you can see this, but currently unable to log in.

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