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For starters, don't use too many big words. You'll just confuse some people.

Sure I've seen a some postings where I would read it two or three times & still have no idea what the hell they're talking about. That has to be expected though.

Here's a hint. If your going to start expecting too much from some people, then your going to be disappointed.

That said, it doesn't matter how smart or stupid someone may be. They're allowed to have their opinion regardless of how others may feel about it.

On a personal note. I know a couple of people that can't spell to save themselves. lol Yet they have made millions in the businesses they've gone into. Now I wouldn't call them stupid, they're just not great at spelling & they like to play games.
03/19/2013 09:18 PMPosted by AnhHa
So, if a surgeon butchered up your procedure, you are not allow to sue or give criticism. After all, he makes a lot more than we do and has a higher degree.

you are comparing a video game to butchering a medical procedure.

let's say for argument's sake that this analogy is valid, even then you don't go around throwing excrements at the doctor (which is equivalent to the kind of posts you see in there is a procedure for it- you sue the doctor in court and make him pay you $250k in reparation (inb4, $250K is obviously an example...).
A majority of posts in these forums make you wonder "are these people for real?" not only because of their non-sensical content, but also failing at basic grammar you'd expect from 3rd graders.

I know it's a gaming forum (and who cares about dumb things like punctuation right?), but is it so hard to learn the difference between "they're" "their" and "there", or to not use "rediculous" as an adjective describing D3?

It really makes them look stupid when they target game designers (all from reputed universities and make close to, if not more, $100K/year) and flame them for producing a game that apparently falls short of their "Expectations".

Free speech is one thing, but "destructive" free speech where rampant useless posts by trolls and misinformed folks distort and negatively influence the opinions of the passive community member who read the forums and get the wrong idea should be minimized. There are plenty of constructive criticisms of D3 (and these are usually the ones that get blue posts). We don't need more posts about the game designers' belly size or sexual preferences.

Don't be an Elitism.....

We gamers kill Elites for fun LoL! Just joking no hard feeling....
Are you saying you think the forum moderators are doing a bad job OP? Or is this a thinly disguised trolling post, even if not intended, that is being used to bash the community here.

I think that if you start a forum by bashing people that don't meet your level of intelligence and then ask for an intelligent conversation you have thus created an oxymoron.

they shouldn't put up with the crap they get. it's amazing how well mods handle things with grace (and the odd post or two about what t-shirt i'm wearing while playing d3).

Is not "destructive" speech freedom of speech? Does it really matter if someone makes a punctual, grammatical or spelling error in a post; regardless if it's a post aimed at game designers who happened to attend a university who may or may not make $100k a year? Is it necessary for someone to be within the same bracket on a payscale for their opinion to be criticism rather than "destructive speech".

Why does education matter when criticism is concerned? Say for example, a person were to simply obtain an A.A.S degree from a Community College is their opinion more correct or superior than the critique or opinion of someone who only graduated High school before entering the workforce? Is someone who obtained the A.A.S degree from the Community College unable to give a well rounded criticism of Diablo 3 compared to a person who may have graduated with a Masters degree?

By all means you have a freedom of speech to say what you wish too but right now despite the fact you've managed to type well (Which really doesn't matter in my opinion.), you seem the most "stupid" with your statement where you ignorantly tried to assert that "free speech" and "destructive speech" are two different things. The second thing that made you appear "stupid" is where you made the statement trying to discredit the criticism of those who may not be educated as well as those who attended "...reputed universities and make close to, if not more, $100K/year.".

I hope you take your idea of a "minimum intellectual requirement before posting" and apply it to yourself, good day. :)

Good try man, but you're writing way beyond your intelligence.
03/19/2013 09:18 PMPosted by AnhHa
So, if a surgeon butchered up your procedure, you are not allow to sue or give criticism. After all, he makes a lot more than we do and has a higher degree.

Your analogy misses the thrust of the argument. The better analogy would be, "An oncologist suggested chemotherapy as a treatment option, but I voiced my opinion that eating grape jelly beans was a much sounder course of treatment."

Of course, nobody can literally prevent you from forming a thought or expressing it. However, just the virtue of thinking doesn't automatically make the thought worthy or well-informed. That's the thing - people take great offense and treat it as an endorsement of fascism if they perceive that someone is infringing upon their self-bestowed right to "say what I want." All too often, they forget that the flip-side of their right to voice their thought is my own right to think their thought is misguided, or just plain stupid. Per my example, just because I want to tell someone with a medical degree that my jelly bean solution is the better call doesn't make it so.

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