mexican sms protect problem

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greetings, i cant sell any item on RMAH for paypal because my cell company does not send me the sms code to be able to do it >.< i use pre-paid "amigo kit" from telcel so i would love to know wich companies are working on mexico with the sms protect ?
I don't think you will get an answer from Blizzard about that, although some players might be able to help. I would suggest reading the SMS Protect FAQ and then talking to local cell providers in your area to see if they meet the requirements.

According to the FAQ, many prepaid plans will not work with the service. It is also not available in all countries. I can't seem to find a list of those countries though.

Have you tried asking on the Spanish speaking forums? You may find more players from your area there who can tell you if it works, and what carriers/data plans are best.
Tengo el mismo problema Dunpeil. Antes del parche 1.07 podía vender y recibir mensajes. Ahora ya no puedo y según esto es culpa de telcel.

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