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So I am trying to make a bid on an item in the Auction House. The bid is never accepted. I have tried at the default value given because it is always an the next highest accepted value, but that is automatically declined and returns a statement saying that it's not acceptable as the winning bid or something along those lines. So I thought that maybe I was outbid, but after refreshing, the item had the same bid value. I go in again to bid but more then triple the current price of the item, and it's still not acceptable as a winning bid. I'm getting my gold instantly, but I can't bid on any items.
Diablo 3 uses a proxy bid system. It is the same type of system eBay uses.

You cannot see what the high bidder has put as their max bid. It is hidden to everyone. You only become the high bidder when you exceed their max bid.

If you don't exceed their max bid then the current bid is raised to what you bid. The current bid is what is paid when the auction is won. The person that wins the auction gets a refund of the difference between their max bid and the current bid.

You can basically think of the auction house as bidding for you. You tell it what you are willing to pay then it automatically bids against people up to the amount you told it to.

If you don't understand or want more information Google "proxy bidding".

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