Reducing Fury cost is not correct

Bug Report
Class: Barbarian
Skill: Weapon Throw

Required Fury for Weapon Throw: 10 Fury

Total reduced cost of Fury: 10 (==> Not using Fury at all)

When I use the Weapon Throw skill, it still uses 1 Fury.
This means that I cannot use the Berserker Rage skill continuously,
which inflicts an additional 25% damage while at maximum Fury.
Since I'm using the Unforgiving skill for maxing the Fury all the time.

That additional 25% damage is,,,,,, hmm~

Is this bug(?) not fixed yet?
According to my simple math, 10 - 10 = 0.
What's your math on this?
Its not a bug. You cannot reduce abilities to less than a cost of 1.
hmm~ then Berserker Rage skill is not that useful.
Thanks for reply.

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