Rate the barb above you - non RMAH only

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As per topic, I wanted to see how non RMAH barbs have been doing. I know there are quite a few godly barbs out there who have NEVER even logged in to RMAH.

I would like to see such non RMAH barbs. Thanks.

Rate me? I am absolute non RMAH. Never got seed money (gold or real money) and everything you see on my barb is hard farmed and hard fought on the AH.

Thanks all!!!

I actually rated you already on the other "rate the barb above you" thread, but I wanted to post to this thread you've made because I made this barb at he release of the game and I never spent a dollar on the RMAH. I either found or sold items on AH for gold to get the gear I'm wearing. Takes some hard grinding, but it can be done with out spending real money.

Best of luck to all my fellow barbs!

Very impressive for non-RMAH. 9/10

I'll never buy anything from the RMAH and I'm not even remotely tempted to do so.

Well balanced barb 8/10

you could get some serious dps increase if you drop the LS from your EF and just get a 0.24 EF with 1100 dps and OS...Use bloodthirst to make up for the LS
decent barb, though andy helm makes me cringe. never could stand the extra fire dmg taken.
just bugged me. though havent tried one since nerf to fire dmg.

id guess a 6/10, though ill admit this is my 1st time trying to compare and rate others.
more or less was curious what i would be rated now.

got lucky on a 6% crit mempo drop and had alot of gold to build my barb up.

i probably didnt spend as thrifty as i should have.
in bags i have some half decent lacunis, ik belt, and ik boots. as well as a ring that i sometimes switch around for stats depending for ubers /vs regular farming
I rate 4/10 as a skorn barb, ias is kind of low, missing AR in 2 craft slots - shoulder and bracers, keep crafting those so you can drop warcry. 3 cc mempo hurts, high str mempo can easily outperform in both DPS and proctection. Last but not least, that skorn DPS is way too low to worth using even it has LS on it. with a 2 bil + drop, you should get better items, or maybe just wait for the new itemization change I guess
My first time rating someone, be kind :)

Nice balance of DPS and EHP.

*EDIT* this was for Sindroid, looks like a post snuck in above mine

Keep crafting shoulders until you get a pair like yours but with AR. You need AR on your shoulders, period. Also get IK Armor and Inna's pants, and you'll have to get some other piece of gear that will make up for the vitality loss. You can replace the str in your main hand with a vitality weapon, which will be about a wash because you'll get increased damage from Inna's pants and the IK Armor strength bump.

I'm curious what my next step is..I might need more AR to survive in MP9/10. Open to suggestions.

Your armor is quite sufficient, however, you hit the nail on the head...you could definitely use more all res....without rearranging your entire build/skill set, i'd recommend getting crit lacuni's with all res....yes, they are expensive. 8/10

**i logged out zerked...but then that's how i spend the majority of time in game anyways**

9/10 for sheer numbers overall. With that dps you can prolly drop bloodthirst. As for upgrades maybe avg dmg ring and oh with str/vit but again nice output.

As for me, 2.11 aps and boots are self found so explains the dex on em.
@Redgum - I am jealous - having an SnB barb with 175k DPS and non -RMAH? Awesome man - in my book 9.5/10.

@Psyclone72 thanks both times...amazing barb you have. I am saving for a crit mempo + better LS skorn (less CD on current one) + avg damage on all jewelry.
@anwin 9/10
I really like your rare ring and Witching hour
@Bugs - love the crafted bracers...I wish I can craft one similar too :-).

Try a cold SoJ and replace the main hand ring. It may work our for some amazing in game DPS.

Oh yeah. I do have a cold SoJ with 28% bonus elite dmg. My current ring is just for KD2 farming because I ignore elites. I love my bracers too heh
@bugs you could do better with dual wield :)

How's my barb? 0 bucks spent :)
8.5/10 above average

I love pretty much everything about your barb. Having that much health with that kind of dps makes me drool. Your gems are great! Those shoulders have crazy vit - plus life lol! And I would kill for the roll you got on your Hellfire.

I love playing my barb but I think I would pay $$ to play your barb for a day lol.

A different build set for sure :) Couple things that will help, Weapons master gives you another 10% CC when using a mace/axe Mainhand weapon, so that will help you maintain wrath. Also, Battle rage into the fray will generate alot of fury when you get crits, letting you maintain wrath even better.

Your a bit low on the fury gen side of things, changing those will help the wrath side of your build, and doesn't cost a dime :)
craft vit shouldres and ammy
id suggest dropping lacunis for a good pair of crafted bracers and get innas pants to replace your currents pants (and make up for the lost att speed movement speed). also, get some 150 ic and sell your current boots
@Warwick pretty cool crafts.....lil low on ar tho...could prolly get a ik helm with ar and oh ef with .25 aps

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