Next step for my Monk?

I'm unsure what I need to focus on now for my monk. I think for everything on him so far I've spent around 30m. I have another 30m to spend but would rather not spend it all on one thing (unless that thing is going to make a much bigger difference than if I diversified). Any suggestions or guidance would be helpful!
upgrading your gems is never a bad idea, you always keep them.

and don't most TR monks use an SoJ?
upgrading your gems is never a bad idea, you always keep them.

and don't most TR monks use an SoJ?

Yeah, I guess it's 550k to upgrade once, which would be a 1k dps increase, or just under 2m to upgrade again for a 2k dps increase. I've thought of that but I'm a but underwhelmed about it...I feel like theres got to be something better out there.

I considered using a SOJ but I checked it and it would only give me an 8-10k boost against elite and a 20k decrease against everything else....not to mention a significant hit to I decided it wasn't worth it.

I'd also considered going sword and shield for a change with a cyclone build.
yes but if u get a stone of jordan with crit chance to tempest rush, like the one in my profile its very useful. i got mine for 20 mil but that was a steal, invest in one they are so worth it. if u dont want to tho u should def get the nat 2 piece, ring and boots.
I went and upgraded my gems to stars and switched a few things around. Still looking for more things to do though. It will be a while before I find enough emeralds to upgrade the one in the weapon.

Still not convinced about the SoJ. I also considered doing the Nat's set, but switching out the boots and either of the rings would actually put me at a small gain of DPS (less than 2500 even if I got a ring with a bit of crit chance) and would put me at a significant loss of EHP (I would be losing 165 vit off my boots and a good amount of vit and AR from either ring.
give up, you're never going to be as good as PhotonMonk.

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