Auction House Wont Give Me My Items

Technical Support
Made a purchase 2days ago and i still haven't got my items???


How long do we have to put up with those lengthy delays???
Same here!

Come on... orderID - 1202494187
this is getting out of hand... how on earth is blizzard not working on since people use credit cards or use their gold to buy items and you have to wait for such a long time.

Sorry Blizzard but this is not acceptable, too many D3 players have this problem and this problem has been here for a while now...

We the D3 players are asking you to FIX it PLEASE.

Thank You.
Bought 5 items and i only got 1 out of 5.... still waiting. some items were purchased over 48 hours ago.
same here
i am now just over 2 and half days of waiting.... question is should i wait or waste gold on something else that might or might not be sent to my stash.. hmmm
I am facing the same issue on the gah also purchase 2 items by buy out and under complete tab there is nthing!!!

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