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I stole this build write up format from Skywalkerfx#1247 just to make the post flow. And as far as I can tell Jumbasa#2925 posted this build with these skills first here

Jumbasa running the Carnage Build on MP10-

Carnage Build Overview
This is a build that uses Zombie Charger: Zombie Bears as the primary attack and feeds off of Health Globes and Mobs dying around you. This build allows for the most burst damage possible. The build scales very well since you have 4 percentage based buffs, Gruesome Feast which buffs your Int by 10% per stack, Slam Dance which buffs damage by 30%, Provoke the Pack which buffs damage another 15%, and Mass Confusion which buffs damage by 20%. The more Int and Damage you have the more damage you will have buffed since those skills are percentage based.

You can run this build from MP0-MP10, with a group or solo. The only breaking point is your mana. If you are not killing fast enough then you need more damage or lower the MP by 1 level and try again. If you run out of mana against shielding or extra health elites then don't worry about it, just do a little kiting or kill some white for health globes.

Why do you call this the Carnage Build?

Because once you pop all your CDs, Carnage ensues. Oh and because that is what Jumbasa#2925 called it when he first posted the idea.

Something WDs should know by now

Pick up radius, Grave Injustice and Gruesome Feast are the most synergistic skills we posses as WDs and we need to tap into it.

Why only Bears?

Because this is for a non-LOH build since bears proc almost no LOH and we rely on LS only. Oh and the fact that if done right is the hardest hitting skill we have.

What weapon will work best?

You should be using a life steal (LS) weapon whether it is 1h or 2h is up to you. You can switch to a higher damage weapon if you are not fighting reflect but that is a pain.

How much mana regeneration/max mana do I need to use this?

Not much really as long as you have Zuni 4 piece a 30% SOJ with -to bears and an offhand with -to bears and maybe some mana regen.

Damage Suggestions by MP level:
MP5- 100k
MP10- 200k+

Every other MP should fall within those two ranges. Paper DPS is only important for white mobs. It is when the WD sees and Elite that he/she becomes the Carnage Doc.

The Build

Left Mouse – Bears

Right Mouse – Mass Confusion- Paranoia for 20% damage for 12 sec and to make the Elites stand in your BBV (OP Skill if you ask me)

Key 1 – Spirit Walk – Your pick as to the rune. I use Healing Journey for the Health Boost. Jaunt is also a good option.

Key 2 – Soul Harvest – Vengeful Spirit rune. Provides burst damage and buff.

Key 3 – Sacrifice- Provoke the Pack for 15% more damage (if you sac all 3 dogs) for 30 sec.

Key 4 – BBV-Slam Dance 30% more damage, 20% AS, and 20% MS

Passive Skills

Gruesome Feast- Provides more burst damage and mana. Scales well the more Int you have.

Grave Injustice- Reduces your BBV, MC, SW, and SH CDs

Circle of Life- Spawns dogs as you kill to be used to buff yourself and as a meat shield.

Optional Skills

Switch Sacrifice- Provoke the Pack to Pride for instant mana

Switch Big Bad Voodoo-Slam Dance to Rain Dance for mana regen

Switch Spirit Walk- Healing Journey to Honored Guest or Jaunt

More Than 1 WD?
Share the following and try to get it so that you cover all 4 skills for some great WD synergy:
Mass Confusion
Grasp of the Dead

*Notice most of the options are for mana...again if you are having mana trouble then drop the MP by 1 level and try again. Don't fret over extra health and shielding though as they tend to cause resource problems.

Play Style – "(this is what I do, feel free to be different)"
On approaching a pack of monsters cast Soul Harvest>Mass Confusion>Sacrifice>Big Bad Voodoo and spam your bears (with your back to a wall if possible).

"Rinse and repeat above or do whatever the situation warrants."

"For reflect mobs try to isolate one monster instead of Bearing the whole pack at once (ouch!)."<<<Great tip

Or you can also Spam some bears and then pop Spirit Walk-Healing Journey when your close to half health.

Play Feel
There are a couple of things I can say I do not like about this build:
1. Your only using bears
2. You can't use this against single targets very well (Shocker I know)
3. Can get a bit dicey with RD packs but you can handle it

The benefits of the build far outweigh the cons though:
1. Can be used at any MP (dependent on damage of course)
2. Can be used in groups and solo
3. Super zerg damage (I go from 189k to around 600k paper damage, not including SOJ and Mass Confusion)
4. Scales with gear/damage
5. I actually like that you need some Pick Up Radius gear (I use 18), who likes running over gold anyways? Plus it saves your life so many times.
6. Makes the SOJ such and OP item to have. 600k damage plus 35% to elites (including my OH) ZOMG!!!
7. Mana is only a problem if your on an MP that your damage can't handle
8. All the skills/passives actually synergize with each other
4. Crowd Control=Faster bear killing
5. Still provides a meat shield dog wall that is only blown up when needed
6. Attack Speed is no longer a problem (if it causes a mana issue then your damage is not high enough)
7. Since it scales with damage you can use this build from MP0 to MP10

There are more pros and cons as I am sure you guys will come up with them.
Unless someone came up with this build before Jumbasa then credit goes to him. And thanks to Skywalker for the build template I used (without his knowledge of course haha) and I quoted whatever I used directly.

Edit (25 Mar 2013): Updated damage suggestions and added "More than 1 WD" section
Nicely done, thank you.

Few things:

For SV, I recommend using honored guest. Imo it´s hands down the best rune and on a build with no mana passives and bears as the main attack it´s golden. On mp level where you can faceroll then you can use jaunt.

For more control, unbreakable grasp is nice. You can take it instead of voodoo or paranoia.
If it were me running solo, I would give up Slam dance and take Zombie Dogs. That way you could always begin your attack with a chance of starting a chain reaction and instantly creating more dogs.

Against elites, I think it would be more helpful than slam dance, as dogs are only a 45 sec cool down, so you would likely get a second or third chance to use them against elites.

What do you think?
Depends on MP level and player´s dps. I started this build when reflect was broken and played on mp levels 5-8 with it. I had horrify-armor rune instead of voodoo. Then I swapped horrify with dogs lifelink. For me slamdance is an overkill on MP8 but for a player with 150k dps, it´ll be gold.

I go to MP10 and there´s extra health champ pack with minions, I detonate dogs from CoL then summon from lifelink and detonate again, in best case that´s 10m dmg vs slam´s 3m+ bear crits.

Yesterday I killed cleaver champ in 5-7 seconds on MP10, there was other creeps too and they all came to me in a cluster. Mana was full the whole fight.

Damage from slam is too good to pass, rare are the packs that take over 20 sec to kill which is slam´s duration.
I guess you have to experiment a little and find what's right at your MP and DPS level. I'll post this up soon and give you both credit as authors.

Edit - 3-27 Posted guide into stickied Index under Bear builds.
03/25/2013 05:24 AMPosted by skywalkerfx
If it were me running solo, I would give up Slam dance and take Zombie Dogs. That way you could always begin your attack with a chance of starting a chain reaction and instantly creating more dogs.

It really depends on your DPS and MP level. The combo of MC and BBV is super OP....I mean it works great and blizz should never mess with it. :-)

As long as the MC hits most of the mobs it will keep them in or around your BBV.
Wow, this build is awesome- it actually works. It's really OP once you get used to it. Dogs proc constantly... Now, to find a SoS with bears CD and a ring with the same... hmmph.

Thanks for the info!

Everything procced at once (DPS):
03/25/2013 06:48 PMPosted by Razorgore
Now, to find a SoS with bears CD

This is one of the toughest choices for a WD....great SoS's are hard to find.
Last time I tried a build similar to this I found waller and reflect damage elite packs to be Achilles heel that'd shut me down every time. No end of fun watching your dps bounce around like a yoyo though.
Vs reflect:

1. Confu, Confused creeps do not activate reflect, if they all reflect when you meet ´em wait a while after you´ve casted the confu
2. voodoo down
3.Nuke nuke nuke

-Use spirit walk when champ reflects
-Do not cast if all reflect at the same time, unless you´re in spirit form
-Keep your eyes peeled for globes

Waller can be annoying but that´s all it is.
great guide!

However, I'm dying a ton at MP5 even with over 100k DPS unbuffed. It also isn't a mana issue.

Any tips?

I should not that I changed my weapon to a Black-damage DPS with life-steal.
I agree that Gruesome Feast is a GREAT passive. I don't really like the 10 second duration though, so I swap that out for either Jungle Fortitude or Spirit Vessel usually. Great build though, works amazingly even without Gruesome Feast. I also prefer Next of Kin to Provoke the Pack, but that's one of the positive aspects of this build. It's very flexible on runes.
03/28/2013 05:52 PMPosted by Ktulu
I should not that I changed my weapon to a Black-damage DPS with life-steal.

If you just changed to the LS weapon you should be fine now....if not then maybe focus on getting more Vit and definetly more all resist if you want to continue with MP5. You only have 3 pieces with all resist.
03/28/2013 06:30 PMPosted by Jeln
I agree that Gruesome Feast is a GREAT passive. I don't really like the 10 second duration though,

Yea I would like to see 15 sec duration....however if your switching to JF or SV then you may not have the EHP to run the MP level you are trying for. With this build if you use passives for either mana (Spiritual Attunement, VQ etc) or for EHP then your probably a MP level too high and could farm faster on 1 level lower.

Edit: Not sure what MP your trying but 37k life may be a bit low. 45k-50k is comfortable....but I like my almost 70k haha :)
Edit: Not sure what MP your trying but 37k life may be a bit low. 45k-50k is comfortable....but I like my almost 70k haha :)

I can do MP7-8 solo with very minimal deaths, mostly just to my being reckless. It's all about the play style. I farm on MP5 though just so it goes really quickly. No deaths at all there.
37k hp on MP7-8 would scare the crap out of me....I don't like kiting.

Like they say....if you can't take the arcane get out of the MP

Something like that ahha
See, I cleared Inferno before the first round of nerfs minus Diablo. I miss that difficulty. I loved old Inferno much more than what the game has become. So running with low EHP on high MP levels brings that back in a way, for me at least. :P
Same here....I may have been bad on my other account, that is why I am not on it and I look like a noob. Lesson learned haha.

Like I know all about tankdocta and procdocta...most that play now would not know about those builds....if you need proof of my time spent :)

The other great thing about this build is my SOJ with all the buffs up is the godliest piece I have when facing elites. Don't let my 183k dps fool you.

Edit: Oh and green beam of death splinters....before AS nerf
There was some questions about reflect on MP10 and how the build fares against it with all the buffs.

Reflect is just like any other affix and goal is to take it down fast, just like any other pack.

2.Slam down

Make sure you hit the champ all the time as you don´t want a situation where minions are dead and champ is left with 80% HP.

Don´t spray eyes closed. That about it.

Here´s a reflect reel.

Fighting reflect:

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