Error 500 on new computer

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Hi guys,

I posted here in the past concerning connectivity issues and an error 500.

I recently acquired a new computer with much better specs than my old one. It could barely run Diablo 3. This one should be working properly.

However, the same error 500 that was on my older computer is persisting onto this computer. I don't really know what's going on. I just installed the game on this computer and I get the error 500 when attempting to log in.

I use a wireless connection that hasn't had any problems running Starcraft 2 HOTS on this computer (ignoring the shaders). Any help is appreciated!
How do you go about refreshing the connection? Just removing and adding it again? I found this exact post before and had no results when I removed/added my authenticator.
I use an authenticator attached to my keychain.
He should go to the Support link above and follow the ticket steps. If appropriate, both Live Chat and Phone will show up as options. The number is given there.

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