Best Craft Ever?

With the new crafting opportunities available to us, I got lucky (or perhaps through divine intervention) and crafted the Warded Mail...

205 Dex
61 Intel
83 Vit
48 Arcane Resist
6% AS
47% CD
10% CC

I think that's my best craft so far and I think it'll be hard to craft better.

Who else crafted something they think is kick-!@#?
Shame you got int/vit for the fifth roll. Dex/vit for 266 dex instead and yeah, you'd really have something special. As it stands its 'just' epic.
My gloves aren't bad at all, but I'd say my Barb's and WD's bracers are probably better though.
i love my monks gloves, and i hate them at the same time...
im ok with my bracer, im still working on the rest... not much luck...
I crafted some pretty beast ones as well OP.

294 dex

89 vit

47 phys resist

IAS: 6%

CD: 26%

Im with Thror...I love my gloves and I hate them at the same time cause they were so close to being sploojtacular!

226 Dex
54 PR
71 AR
46 CD
7 CC

If only it was 9 IAS and 8.5+ CC I would stop crafting gloves haha

At least the game hinted to me that I should up my PR for plagues and the tree spores in Act 1!!
ammy is my best craft by far..still looking for that awesome glove craft

Amulet is:
210 dex
9 ias
44 cd
9 cc
and socket
im a big fan of my monks bracers especially since they were the first and last ones i rolled.
Definitely my dex ammy has been my best:

+27-85 damage
+208 dex
9% ias
47% chd
10% chc
My ammy is my best craft

+10 max dam
+209 dex
+50 Poison res
+75 AR
9% AS
10% cc

not bad for a poison res monk
i love my gloves too, but low rolls:(

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