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I'm going to college soon and my current laptop is about four years old so I need to upgrade. Diablo 3 is the most demanding game I play so I want to get something nice since on computer I normally play on I usually leave iTunes, Skype, and Steam open.hat can run this on maximum settings. If possible a little breathing room so to speak would be

Also I thought that that you couldn't replace the processor in a computer but I googled it and you can so is there a part that isn't really upgradable or limits how much you can upgrade your computer? I would like to be able to upgrade the computer in the future, so if there is a part that does limit how much I can upgrade, I would like to maybe find a computer that advances there.
if you're using a mac, all questions about hardware upgarding is out of the picture.

a processor is a tiny chip that fits on a motherboard on a certain slot which is practically the brain of your computer which does all the calculations and what not, and is generally the most expensive computer hardware to upgrade/replace. also normally requires a cooler to sit on top of it to absorb heat and to prevent it from killing itself if you do a lot of stuff on your computer that's computationally intensive.

my computer is worth about 1300$(all parts considered, most expensive parts were processor and gfx card totalling to about 900$), and can run most games today on max graphics, without any graphic lag/computation lag, to the point where i've started recording videos at 60FPS while playing at max settings with some framerate loss but for 30FPS definitely not problem. so if you have that much money to shell out, then you're probably able to have a desktop computer that will last the next 7 years or more depending on how techgeeked out you are with knowledge regarding computers. (Can stretch it to probably even 14 years)

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