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Hi, developer team and dear players,

There's another issue that cause regular micro-freezes, and may be related to the sound system. I'm not talking here about the well known and probably not yet fixed issue "loading assets HDD stutters" (I've fixed that with a SSD), but regular stutters that happen in various ways :

For example, I play with a Wizard and I can see thoses micros freezes each time when :
- using Energy Armor and launching Mirror Images (5)
- using Energy Armor and launching Teleportation with Mirror Images (2)
(less stutters without Energy Armor)
- launching multiple Novas, even worst when my Mirror Images doing it too

My game is running well beside that, a solid 60f/s with VSync.

I've tried a lot of tweaks to locate the cause of that issue and it's clearly related to the sound system, when I disable it in the game option, eveything is perfectly smooth as it should be but not really fun...

And no, it's not a driver or sound card problem neither. I have an integrated Realtek HD audio sound card, I've tried with Microsoft generic drivers, Realtek last drivers, I've also tried with an external USB Steelseries sound card with my headphones, same stuttering problem.

This is an in-game issue, no doubt, I don't have this problem in any other game, so please investigate and fix this.

I would'nt be upsetting, but it's really time after nearly a year to finish the developpement of your game, full of technical problems since the Beta...


System :
Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe
Intel i5 3570K
8 GB DDR2 1600MHz RAM
GTX 560 TI 1GB
Windows 7 64Bits (last updates and drivers)
try this...

go into options>sound
you will see a drop down menu that says "sound channels"
try the settings "lowest (16)" and "low (32)"

the problem may be that your sound card can not handle the number of channels you want it to push.
Of course, if I set the sound on Lowest (16), I don't notice those micro-stutters, but is it really a solution ? I don't here 3/4 of the sounds effects, great !

It's definitely a sound issue, and the problem is in the game code, not in my hardware.
A sound card integrated on an Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe and couldn't handle more than 16 sounds, what a joke... For information, I play a lot of far bigger other games without any problems, Battlefield 3 or Starcraft II (with High quality sounds and 64 channels or more).

No, this game is not finished, that's all, still in a Beta state, 3D and sound engines are crappy, I can add this title with the most unoptimized games of the history with Halo PC and GTA IV...
Tired to report problems presents since the Beta and never see any improvements.

Will you fix your game one day ? Or are you too occupied counting your dollars ?

Of course, the PS3 version will run like a charm, I've no doubt...
04/17/2013 09:26 AMPosted by Holger
It's definitely a sound issue, and the problem is in the game code, not in my hardware.

how do you know its a in game issue and not a hardware issue?

04/17/2013 09:26 AMPosted by Holger
Of course, if I set the sound on Lowest (16), I don't notice those micro-stutters

by your own admission if you set the quality down it fixes the problem

03/23/2013 09:48 AMPosted by Holger
I have an integrated Realtek HD audio sound card

the sound device you have is a lower to medium quality integrated card. it will not be able to handle the same things as an expensive addin card such as those made by soundblaster.
I tend to agree with th OP.

I'm experiencing the same things and, by far, my computer is able to run this game for sure.
I got an i7 2600k with a Titan and 8gig RAM, this should be more then enough to run the game in multiple instances, yet it's sometimes lagging like hell or stuttering including sound. My Auzentech HT HD for sure can handle more then 128 sound channels and I never had any sound problems in D3 until patch 2.0.1 hit.

It is highly likely to be an issue with the used sound engine and the last updates.

What a also recognized is the fact, that all types of shields, including these of the fat goat bastard mages in act 3, seem to undoubtly lag the hell out of the game engine, just like OP said.

I Finally made it, with HotA spam and almost every other skill as a fury generator. Barbs are so damn broken...
I could play Torment 3-4 fine before and now I'm just about to lower to Master.
I have the same, Realtek HD audio sound card, as OP and having choppy distorted sounds in D3. Every other application / Game / Video you name it is fine, but in D3 it's heavily distorted.
I've encountered this problem as well. I also have the same integrated card on my laptop and did not have this problem before RoS. I will try the lowering sound quality down the lowest and see if that stops the problem.
Updating my video cards to the AMD Beta drivers fixed the problem. Alls well now.

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