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My 14-month old put my wife's iphone in the toilet so I gave her my iphone and we switched the sim cards. Then I got a new iphone and restored my phone from the cloud. However, now the authenticator apps on the two phones are different. Only the code on my wife's phone (my previous physical phone) works. Does anyone know how I can fix this? Thanks. Otherwise I just won't play when it prompts me for my code and I can't get to my wife's phone.
You can clone the application and put it on multiple devices! What you will want to do is write down the Serial # and the Restore code from your original phone (now your wife's). Then, go to your phone and in the application select the restore feature. It will require the codes and then presto - you now have the Auth on both phones.

The Troubleshooting article will walk you through how to do it in case I missed anything
Yes, thank you! It works now. I just couldn't figure it out for three days, then finally before I was about to send a pic of my govt id to reset it, I thought wait, I should check my old phone. Thanks again.

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