Looking for 200k DPS TR Monks

04/15/2013 05:28 PMPosted by kukabuka
With my 4 piece innas and Skorn ... I TR @ 245K

How many attacks per second Jet? With my current setup I TR at 213k (blazing wrath on) with 1.08 aps, with submission and cyclones. So picking up a frenzy shrine puts me at 262k :P

I'm also 3 gear swaps (all res amethyst helm, all res gloves, wave of light/cyclone strike SOJ) away from mp10...so I TR with some 400 all res and 50k life..overkill

Just logged off ... check my updated char for my TR / Bell / Skorn MP10 setup.

1.25 attack speed
3800 armour
570 all res - no OWE
51K life

Infinite TR with 14 spirit per sec
03/23/2013 04:25 AMPosted by BLKDRGN
I'm really struggling trying to hit 200k unbuffed as a TR monk. I'm at 182k and the only way I can think of achieving this is to add attack speed which I don't want to. I can also level to 100 but that still won't make me reach the goal. Anyone out there so I can check out your gear?

The easy ones:

- 1% more ele damage on innas belt is worth like 20+ dex

- You helm can improve a lot. Missing like 40+ dex there
04/15/2013 04:58 PMPosted by LoneHero
check my monk out, I think the witching hour would help ya out. attack speed with that skorn will help a lot, and innas set bonus is only really worth it for the 130 dex. get a mempo as well the crit chance and attack speed is big for monks. very hard to get monks over 200k for some reason. its up to you to get natalyas set pieces, the ring can be pricey for a good roll. but the 7% will be worth the loss of the the climbers sockets and little better stats. Hope this helps, still looking forward to a high pargon lvl will add a bit to my dps. hope this helped!

do u have any idea what's TR?

+1 lol
ive surpassed the 200k since a couple of days now. the skorn was a big help and yes the nats ring and boots are almost a must. im now doing crypt of the accients mp10 runs and I get about 120-150m an hour.

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