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My account has been lock before half an hour,and the supporting e-mail tells me to change my pssword,but I make wrong answer of Security Question several times and now I don't know what can I do to unlock it.Is there anyone can tell me what can I do now?

By the way,I don't know why my account is locked...I just want to close the game and log in to BN and ask for the error 3006.
That lock is due to a change in the way you are accessing it. A change in IP, or even different PC can do it. It can also get locked if someone else (hacker) tries to log in. If you can't remember your security question then you are going to have to submit a ticket.

As for your last sentence...it makes no sense so I can't help with that.
my account was hacked and someone changed my e-mail address and password. i filled out a ticket and it was found that blizzard reset my e-mail and i changed my password. that ticket from blizzard said the problem was resolved but when i go into diablo 3 to log in it says that my account was suspened for some violation and i get and error 53 message. its sayes its about my e-mail or something. can you please help me get this all fixed or can i get a phone number to talk to a live person?

Blizzard will not change your email and password unless someone requests it and that has to be done from the current email on the account. So someone had access to your email.

Do you have control of the account back? If so great. Submit a ticket to have the ban overturned (they will if it was done when you were hacked)

Select D3 > I can't login > I am banned or suspended and wish to appeal. That is the ONLY way to appeal a ban.

Although if you are simply confused about the whole process and need to ask more about the password and email change you can select battle.net > I have an issue managing my account > My issue is not listed here. Live chat and phone should light up as buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Also, do the following please or they will be back
1. Download, install, and update Malwarebytes (free version is fine). Boot into safe mode and run a FULL (not quick version) scan with the game up and gibberish in the login fields. Some malware only activates under those conditions.
2. When that scan is done, run a FULL virus scan with an updated virus scanner. Microsoft Security Essentials is free and decent these days. Better than Nortons, MacAffee, etc.
3. From a PC you know to be free of malware, change your email password. Check it for forwarding as well. Sometimes hackers do that.
4. Create a new email that you use ONLY for battle.net. Gmail is great because you can put two factor authentication on it and prevent hackers from logging in without a code.
5. Get an Authenticator!!!! The mobile device version is FREE and the keychain is only $6.50 in the US with free shipping.
6. Consider SMS Protect - this is not an Authenticator, but is a messaging service that lets you know about account changes and prevents some of them, such as an unauthorized email change.

I read the responses given you in the support ticket you submitted. The last response indicated an email was being sent to you explaining the steps required to unlock the account. If you still have any questions, you'll need to submit a new ticket or re-open the last one. There's really nothing we can do for account security issues in the forums.

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