D3 AH took all my gold but blizz wont help

Technical Support
Apparently if a glitch happens and you lose everything in AH you are irrelivent to blizzard because you werent HACKED. Never though i would have rather been hacked.... I feel completely disrespected and abandoned. i lost gold through AH, its plain to see no1 would ever sell all my stuff for peanuts, yet they just cant refund me or credit me back with the gems.I hate to make a big story out of this but i stuck with d3 through thick and thin and havent quit once, probably played everyday since it came out yet if blizzard can just brush me aside with some technicality's, thats what they will do....Easiest way to get rid of me is give me my fake friekin gold back that took me 11 months to accumulate .i dont want to have to resort to trolling everywhere i can think of...

Auction House transaction issues can only be handled via our support ticket system. In reviewing your correspondence, you've been informed several times already as to what our policy is regarding lost or missing items in Diablo III. I'm sorry, but we're unable to offer any further assistance to you in the forums for this issue.

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