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Seem like I can't log in to D3 this morning. Is the server down? Anyone els having this issue? Thks.
I cant seem to log in to D3 this morning. Is anyone els having the same issue? It keep saying log in information was incorrect. TIA
Anyone think i might had gotten hack? Still cant log in. keep saying error, the information you put in is incorrect.
and..... you manged to log on to battlenet forums.

yes but i cant log on d3. I dont know why.
Yep, can log in fine. Do you have an authenticator, etc?

Maybe update your password at the official account management page if not.

Hope you figure it out!
Yes I have just change my password and do have authenticator. I still can't log in.
Does Blizzard have a phone # that you can contact them by calling?

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