Freezes for a few seconds after I teleport.

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So whenever I'm in a public game or a game with other people and I click on their banner and teleport to them it will freeze up and lag and I will sometimes die? Any reason why this happens. My game also freezes whenever I start the game and my first pack of enemies I find it will lag pretty bad but after about 5 mins it will go away and I will get around 60 FPS. Any help would be great seeing how I know my computer can run this I don't know what is happening, thanks.
It is due to sudden huge resource loading into your computer memory.

Likely because the algorithm used in the game is: Load only when is needed.

So, when you teleport into a game, and let say the worst case:

The other 3 players are from different class + There is an elite packs.

What happen?

1. Your PC will load in the graphics and animation for the 3 classes.
2. Your PC will load in the graphics and animation for all the elite packs skills.
3. Sync your character in.

So, doing all these, no matter how powerful is your PC, your PC will be "choked" until it finish processing.

Given the loading of graphics and animation cannot be avoided, personally, I think there are better way to trigger/perform the "loading" instead of "when it needs".
Welcome to 1.07a.
Never did this to me until 1.07a patch.

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