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Was doing a butcher run on a wizard when the game recently came out.. and found a Immortal Kings Weapon off of a weapons rack o.o it was of no use to me though. still no one uses it
03/30/2013 10:09 AMPosted by mayday
My first set item was one of the Danetta's set crossbows. I think it was before the first legendary patch, so it was total garbage which sucked. The next one I found was a set of Immortal King boots, which had pretty much the worst possible roll for its random stat (healing from health globes) but it still sold on the GAH for 45 million so I guess that's alright.

I actually like some health globes on my characters. It helps you survive quite a bit if you have a large health pool. Worst roll you can get on items is ignore dur loss or melee attackers take damage or reduced damage from ranged globe is quite useful.
The first set item I found was a Bul'Kathos sword or some such garbage while I was farming goblins in Act 2 Road to Alcarnus. Before drops were improved. Before sets were improved. Before goblin farming was nerfed and this particular goblin straight up removed. Before I had any other option for gearing up and proceeding any further in Hardcore Inferno.

I was happy to sucker someone into bidding 300,000g for it on the HC AH.

This game sucks, and thanks for bringing up bad memories.
i found my set peice on MP3 act 1 while getting some nephlem valor in the cemetary, i remember it well as i ran into an leet mother group at nephlem 3, they where makeing swarms apon swarms of zombies and noticed when i killed 1 of the zombies "CHING" i got pumped, hit alt, and was in green text. when i was all in the clear 15 min later i identified it with my bud watching, it was an importal king chest peice, and at the time i didnt have a barb class, so i sold it in the RMAH and made 30 bucks
What a hunt I had. I am not sure of my hours played or monsters killed but I know I have played from midnight release (Well maybe the next day :P) to today and my first and only set item so far is the shenlongs relentless assault I have on my Monk right now. Found it less than 2 months ago. Unfortunately soon after finding it my luck in real life dive-bombed and now i'm too busy to play much more than an hour or two every other day.
Immortal King's Soul Cage in 1.0.3.

From a corpse in Act 1.

Thought it was a book, until I realized that something was different.
Mine was a Zunni head, it's now a legacy item. It was extremely useless.
Well everyone, the mojo worked!

Saturday night I had Blackthorne's Jousting Mail drop.

Playing Act 1 MP2, five stacks, decided to do Spider Caverns because I could move through that content comfortably fast. Things were going pretty well, but then I got shredded by mortar molten shielding teleporter spiderlings. I was pretty grumpy while running back to say the least. However, when I torched the leader of the pack, BAM green pants. Great upgrade for my newly 60 DH.

I owe a big time gratitude to everyone who has posted thus far. Thank you for being level-headed and thoughtful. These forums go through phases where idiocy ramps up to a fever pitch, but there are a ton of good people on here that remain sane throughout. I remind myself often that this is what I do for fun.

Like RZA says, "It's harder to make the glass than break the glass."

My first set piece was It dropped when i was around plvl10 on my Barb while running act1 mp4 (I love the Jar of Eye Balls event ^_^).

I was so pissed when it rolled as Tal Rasha's, because at the time I didn't have a wiz, HAHA. So I made a wiz just to use my first set piece. I've rolled a Chantodo's Will and Zunimassa's Marrow since, which i still use on my wiz too.
I found Manajuma's Gory Fetch in a Demonic Vessel (=> act 3). I don't know when it dropped, but it was before the big beam of light on the legendaries.
I was stacking NV ( 1 at that time ) in Act 2 to do XP runs, then from a White mop I got a Chantoos of Will with Life Steal. I still have it in my stash
There are set items in this game?

Could have fooled me .. I have found ONE .. ever ...

I don't see how one is expected to even THINK about completing a set on their own.
My first set item was a Bloodstained Letter. Oh wait, nevermind... :(
There are set items in this game?

Could have fooled me .. I have found ONE .. ever ...

I don't see how one is expected to even THINK about completing a set on their own.

My wife completed "Bul-Kathos's Glory" on her own. (It helped that there are only two pieces.)

Was a level 60 (before paragon and MP levels) and was fighting the Spider Queen in Act 1. When we killed her, a green pair of "Boots" dropped. I identified them and they were a part of the now legacy Nats set. Lucky cause I primarily play a DH. Still have those boots. Can't ever give them up :)
I was doing Act 1 Inferno runs when the game was difficult. I usually did the entire thing from Leoric onward, which wasn't difficult for a Barbarian at the time. When I destroyed The Butcher, Tal Rasha's armor dropped. However, this was before legendaries were buffed, so it was a Legacy piece.

When legends got buffed again, Immortal King's Belt from a Rare Dune Thresher pack.
There are set items in this game?

Could have fooled me .. I have found ONE .. ever ...

I don't see how one is expected to even THINK about completing a set on their own.

I have 2 full IK sets and 3 of the class-specific weapon sets completed.
danetta's revenge
act 3
fields of slaughter

thought it was gg item, got slapped in the face to know it was brim -_-

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