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Tal Rasha Chest

Halls Act 1, think it was around 500 hours into the game. Used it for like 2 months, then began the Paragon Lvling with AH items.
My first set piece was an inna's favor, paragon 38, grinding act 3.
What about set plans? Anybody ever find those?
Tal's Belt in the jails in patch 1.01. A day earlier I had my first legendary drop - Three Hundredth Spear. Back then, neither item was good at all but I did get to toss it on my barbie as MF gear (the spear back then was the equivalent of Sun Keeper now... only it had 400 dps if you were lucky lol).

I don't remember finding too many (if any?!) more set pieces until 1.05 came out.
tal rasha armor with 2 socket :(
100m IK Helm
Zunimassa Dagger, found in the first part of Act IV, while playing my Witch Doctor.

So first set item found by a class that could use it... and it was a massive upgrade.

Ah, yeah.

Oh, and I have yet to find a set piece since then. Of course, I don't farm farm farm but have instead been leveling other characters and playing hardcore... ;)
Zuni Boots...ACT3 very last room on the bridge of Korsikk. I was dumb and sold them for way to little. I still remember sitting there for like 2 mins looking at them on the ground like WTH a green item with a golden beam????
my first set piece was zuma boots, i was so pumped. After searching the AH i was like "oh wow these are pretty good" Put em on the AH for 3mil buyout and they didn't sell.

Put them back up on the AH for 1 mil bid no buyout, and they sold for 32 mil.

I was so pumped.
600hrs. First green that drops at Act 3 Stonefort.

Litany of the Undaunted.
My first Set item was from Ghom in Inferno.

A perfect IK Chest Piece. Higher stats than most with a perfect HP Passive Regen (500+).
I wore it for quite a bit before selling it on the RMAH for $250. Sold in less than 30 minutes.

Ironically, it was my only ever set item.
The day the monster power patch came out found a blackthorns notched belt sold it for 20 mil
I was pretty stoked
03/26/2013 06:52 AMPosted by papadanko
What about set plans? Anybody ever find those?

I found 2 so far

Blood Magic Blade in CoOp (prior to MP)- sold that cuz I only had 500K gold at the time

Sages Plight - shouldve sold that because they dont really craft that well
Just the other day i found nats xbow. it was low damage and horrible stats. I was on my wizzy. I wasnt disappointed that it was bad. i was just happy i actualy found a set item. 15 minutes later i found an ageless might in a4 inferno. again crap but still happy to find legendary items after hours of gameplay. And thats exactly how they keep u going. next great piece of gear could be right around the corner.
Actually the first set piece I found was the best one I have ever found and have not come even close to finding something as valuable.

It was still the very first patch! believe it or not, First time in inferno Act 1, before the Skelly King. I found a Legacy Nats Boots (76 vit, 56 all res, 12 move speed, 6% dmg reduce from elites,. and one other stat I forget) They were all actually usefull....

After I found it I immediately sold it on the RMAH and it sold for $26.00 -.- now its worth hundreds

So far I have found 3 set pieces including the Nats boots, Inna's helm that I am wearing and a super EHP nats ring.

Yes those are the best Items I have EVER found in the game to date... all legendaries I have found are garbage
Doing crypt runs in 1.0.2.

Pre-legendary !@#$-up Blackthorne pants. Pissed I didn't keep them !@#
Hundreds of hours in (not sure exactly, but HELLA long) I found some Inna's Pants. Not a great roll, but better than a kick in the junk.
About 1 month after release, got my first set item in crypt of the ancients act 1, IK hammer roughly 600 dps. Got real excited, it sat in my stash for maybe 3 months as a "trophy", but thats all it was good for.

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