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A book back when they were green.

Thats closest to a set i ever got :(

First Legendary: Lut Socks
Date: May 24, 2012
Area Found: Act 2 Normal
Dropped From: white pack of creatures (swarms I believe)

Great find for my second barbarian who had just got to level 18.


Oh crap! Just realized this was first "set" item, not first legendary. Had a long day at work I guess.

Alright, retry. I hope plans count...

First Set: Captain Crimson's Finery
Date: October 02, 2012, (2 AM PST)
Area Found: Act 1 Hell
Dropped From: not sure

I've crafted this whole set a couple times for friends who wanted to level new characters.


EDIT: First actual set item drop was this:

First Set: Danetta's Spite
Date: November 02, 2012
Area Found: ?
Dropped From: ?
Tal Rasha's GUARDIANSHIP. pre-103. found in act 1 from an elite.
I cant remember set but my first leg was a hamburger... and i was so confused... and happy at the same time.. lol
My first was Bulkhantos Sword set for Barb... i got my first set item (green) approximately 200 hour since first release of this game at around 300 MF. I think blizzard did saw my complain and open my green set drop chance.
My barbarian found the boots he is wearing called Immortal King's Stride.
03/25/2013 01:07 PMPosted by papadanko
Funny thing too, about a week later a Litany dropped and I was able to complete my first set just from drops!

Sweet, that was a sub-question: have you completed any sets from drops?

I would think that 10 months in, some people have.

Well for 2 items set, yes. A friend of mine got the Litany and Wailing host in the same night... that was before I had a single set drop :P
800k +++ kills and 13 paragons later.. i can't remember.

it might've been nat's chest or inna's chest. or inna pants.

most memorable set item drop was compase rose ring for me.
best leg drop was probably b/w hollow band of whispers or Mempo.

Keep in mind i've been playing since 1.03 and there was no MP lvls and inferno was way harder.. didn't see a leg until lvl 55.. or so.. didn't use AH back then.. and you would keep dying in act 2 until you killed that trouble e...

[ r ]
My first set item dropped quite recently. Was running the Act 1 cemetary crypts to build up NV before I tried getting the keywarden and in the first boss fight the IK belt dropped.
Ummmm... It was a Compass Rose, I found it in act 3 on The Battle Grounds. Bout' shat myself too. I mean it was junk but it was still cool to find something before the Legendary drop buff.
tal rasha chest sold for 500 mil
immortal king's boots, back in 1.03.
Mine was a Nat chest piece, back when legendaries were still useless. It was about 100 hours in, dropped from the dude in act one that says "NO, I WILL NOT LET YOU BRING THAT MONSTER LEORIC BACK TO THIS WORLD" or something. It was also my first legendary
Ohhh man. My first set item was way back 1.03 ACT III (Crater 2) Public Games.

Manajuma's Carving Knife
200 INT

after checking with my friend how much that cost i put it up in AH for 75M and after 5mins and 2sec someone bought it. I actually post it here in the trading forum and someones offering me 60M but i hesitate. Then realize what if i sold it for 100M will some1 buy it? That the best item i got so far that has been sold for more than 55M...
My DH found some Inna's Pants in Act III Inferno, MP0. He's still wearing them.
Legacy Nat's helm in Act 2. Sold it and then a couple of weeks later they announced the changes to Nat's set.
my first set item is tal rasha's allegiance which i sold for 10 mil and 2nd is ik belt which i am wearing right now. it's decent one.
immortal king irons legacy - dahlgur oasis
A piece of legacy Inna's (pants or chest, I forget now), dropped in A3 Inferno, in late Stonefort. Up on the raised platform in front of one of the Beacons. Fell right at the top of the set of stairs heading down toward the end of Stonefort.
My first was a Tal's neck in one of the defiled crypts in act 1 while the game was still in stupid hard mode.

I've completed Inna's set twice and Nat's set once from drops.

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