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My first set item was Immortal Kings' Will (Legacy) helm in my first SC venture into HoA in A1 Inferno, also before the nerf patch, when it was still stupid difficult. How difficult? (for the new guys). My wizard had 1300 resist all and barely survived in Act 2.

Actually, I used to have serious complaints about set item drop frequency but lately I've been stupid lucky. I think it comes down to 2 obvious things - play time and content level - and one not-so-obvious, play style. There's a lot of anecdotal !@#$ out there about "Oh my friend found 3 in one drop", "oh I've gone 300 hours of paragon 20 play without a legendary". Granted I have dry spells like anyone else.

Over the course of last weekend, I lvl'd my HC WD (HC is the only interesting form left, haven't touched SC in months) from Paragon 8 to now 15, playing mp0 A3 runs in pub servers on Friday and then after some gear upgrades, MP1 runs in A3 all day saturday and sunday. I would ballpark it at around 18-24 hours of play, at mp0 or mp1, with a 5NV MF of around 190%. By Sunday, I'd found:

Blackthorne's Spurs (crap)
Inna's Radiance (decent)
Immortal Kings' Eternal Reign (good)
Zunimassa's Vision (crap)
Wargmonger (1) (crap)
Warmonger (2) (epic - best roll on HC AH -- 1327 DPS, 6% LS, 189 crit dmg, 8% IAS) unfortunately they're still cheap)
Sever (1) (crap)
Sever (2) (megacrap)
Strongarm Bracers (decent)
The Inquisitor (decent)
Manticore (crap)
Chantodo's Force (megacrap)

This isn't a "oh look at how hard I sucked the RNG's *%@@%#@@ to get these rolls" kinda post. It's more of "it does matter how you play". First of all, move fast - the faster you can farm, the more content you can clear. Secondly, don't push your luck on difficulty - mp5 may have high drop rates but if it takes you more than 30-45 seconds to kill an elite, you're too high, it's not worth it. Third, there's XP farming and then there's drop farming. I love the XP soup that is Keeps 2 as much as the next guy, with the hoards of white mobs, but The Fields of Legendaries are the Fields of Legendaries. Don't fall into the trap of mindlessly running A3 including all the damn quests. Forget bosses, forget chests, forget running around in circles with your 1.5y pickup radius grabbing piles of gold. Speed and content, and speed's more important than content.
Back in 1.0.3 I found Immortal King's Soul Cage (Legacy), after killing the Skeleton King. It was pretty nice.

I sold it for around 9 mil, my first "big" sale...
A pair of Blackthorne's Breeches (!) that I still keep for the sake of posterity, and 'cause I'm a sentimental fool. :P
I had mine drop in 1.7, and it wasn't for my class, it was also not very good so I dusted it.
also before the nerf patch, when it was still stupid difficult. How difficult? (for the new guys). My wizard had 1300 resist all and barely survived in Act 2.

Yet the game then still wasn't as stupidly difficult as Diablo II is (i'm thinking of the end boss of act ii, duriel.)
03/27/2013 02:12 AMPosted by Gutrachop
also before the nerf patch, when it was still stupid difficult. How difficult? (for the new guys). My wizard had 1300 resist all and barely survived in Act 2.

Yet the game then still wasn't as stupidly difficult as Diablo II is (i'm thinking of the end boss of act ii, duriel.)

I feel I can speak with authority on this because I played D2 as recently as April 2012, right before release, and I'd agree he was pretty damn hard, but I'm not sure you can really compare apples to apples here. D2 had a pretty consistent curve, Duriel being kind of a deliberate "This is a boss, watch how insanely difficult it is" kind of thing. "LOOKING FOR BAAL", I can still hear it in my dreams. *shudder* Whereas pre-1.03 D3's difficulty was more a function of what felt like schizophrenic code and trollish elite affix combinations (which to their credit, they've fixed). I still don't understand how you "accidentally" create damage ranges that scale over a factor of 10 after 12 supposed years of testing.

It seems a novelty now to actually have a hard BOSS. I mean bossfights in D3, other than certain breakpoints (HC Ghom at NM or above just after his gas dmg patch, Izual in Inferno, pre-1.03 Inferno Belial) are just a joke. I get their whole "we want you to farm packs" mentality but once you've cleared 60, there's zero motivation to even screw with boss fights anymore, especially in HC for those that have risky, somewhat cheap maneuvers like Azmo's fireball or Belial's acid attack that you can't be sure how hard will hit. Those don't equate to difficulty in my mind, just stat trolling. "Oh you're geared for life leach and grinding, LOL here's a crit for twice your health LOLOLOL".
natalya chest. drop from a chest in act 4 when a lot of people farm breakeables there before all the nerfs. sold for like 20m.
In one of the crypts in the cemetary A1, got an IK helm to pop out of an alter.
Best part was, a week or so later, I got another IK helm to pop out of the same alter :)
In 1.0.2, a Blackthorne's pants dropped from a chest in the cathedral garden, near the waypoint.
My first set item was the Tal's Armor my wiz is still wearing now. Got it off of the Jailer in Act 1 shortly after the legendary/set items were updated. It was a major upgrade when I found it but I didn't realize how lucky I was with the rolls at the time. It is by far the best item I have found playing this game.
My very first set item dropped in act2 back in 1.02 or so. Funny thing that i was so disappointed in my wiz, so i played my wd for a while. Found nothing with him. On one day i regreared my wiz and killed the 1st elite after road to alcarnus and they dropped nataly's boots with 165 dex 65 allres and armor. Sold for 65m wich gave me the boost to get in the d3 gearing contest :)
Patch 1.0.3, Act 3 keeps.
It was a Tal Rasha's source dropped from a white mob.
Sold it on AH for 50mil. Was pretty excited, spent most of it on upgrades for my barbar and got her to beat diablo for the first time :)
Asheara's Boots... crap
03/25/2013 12:22 PMPosted by Sÿlak
First one was Zunimassa's String of Skulls.

ha, no way... mine was too!! too bad it took all the way till plvl 40 to see my first set item
I was in act 2 inferno, stinging winds or black canyon, not sure its been a while, but got the Blackthorne's Surcoat i'm still wearing from a pack of those sand monsters that lob molotov cocktails at you...
P.S. Hey Blizzard, buff them skeletons! Also, set drops should have a green light beam, not brown.

By the sound of their relative rarity, there should be fireworks.

Definitely appreciate all the responses! I have noticed in my short playing time that Act 4 Inferno has given the most Legendaries per run. However Act 4 really wasn't too feasible to farm until probably 1.0.2 to 1.0.3, I sure wasn't there yet.
Zunimassa's helm, from Field of Slaughter after the first patch that made Inferno easier. One of those flying demons swooped down, I smacked it dead, and out dropped the helmet. It was my first big sale, I got a few millions for it.
Blackthorn's Notched Belt, Second Inferno run of the festering woods. It was also my first legendary item. I still wear it.

Since, I have found a couple pieces of Zunimasa's
My first was Inferno Act 1, I was headed for the Jailer, struck a minion and suddenly noticed green on the screen. I was in shock, I was playing with my Barb at the time and it was a Zunimassa's Vision, it eventually inspired me to roll a WD.
Inna Pants that my dh is wearing, dropped from siegebreaker in single player while doin xp runs

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