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I want to know WHY I KEEP GETTING THESE DAMN RANDOM DC'S?!?!?! DOES BNET THINK I BOT?! CAUSE I FOR DAMN SURE DON'T! I have been removed from counteless games as I farm. There is nothing wrong with my internet connection. Can a Admin confirm this?! Im tired of this bs. Can't farm in peace.
Its always error 3005 and 3007 also
I've been getting a few random disconnects as well, but I recently changed ISP's and it could be my provider. Although everything else netwise was working when the disconnects were happening.
I just got dc-ed again, I know its not my provider or computer........
Im not looking for technical support either cause its nothing technical, This falls under a general discussion topic.
If it's first time happening, then sure it's not your fault, if it's repeatedly happened in the past and now. Then you might want to scan your comp thoroughly..
Ive scanned my computer completely, This is the one I use for gaming only so it has only games installed. Nothing else.

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