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yesterday i lost a barbarian (whirlwind build) paragon 47 in hardcore mode while fighting Diablo in inferno, MP 1, EUROPE region. While in phase 2 of diablo fight, i got caged when Diablo is very low health and one of my tornado kills him while i am still caged, transition to phase 3 begins, and the cage never expires. So i stand there, sleeping in the cage, unable to activate any of my combat skills, even wrath of the berserker is greyed, though i have enough fury. Finally the cage disappears but my character keeps sleeping, Diablo is far away and didn't summon his cages again, Nothing happens at all, i still can't use any skills, my character is stuck for no apparent reason. I had no lag at all and didn't get disconnected, i can see my health bar going up and down beetween diablo hits and my regen. After some time my regen drops (certainly cause i couldn't refresh warcry) and finally Diablo manages to kill me. Is that a new feature so people in hardcore mode can't reach paragon 100 ? Is that a new bug and can i have that barbarian back ? or can i just go to POE ?

Also, just found this :

Diablo Trap Bug [Hardcore] (1 replies)

Bug Report - Posted by Archangelos@Azralon on 6/7/12 1:18 PM

6/7/12 ... Are you kidding me ? Nothing been done ? Quoting Archangelos :
Hey Blizz,

I'm here to report a bug that I just found and almost killed me in Hardcore mode.
I was playing solo my Wizard.
The bug appeared in the transition from the Shadow Realm to Normal Realm.
At the same time I killed the Shadow of Diablo and got trapped by his spell. (Don't remember the name)

So, when I was brought back to normal realm I got a "eternal stun".
I almost lost my char and almost got a heart attack.
Because I can't move and use my skills, except Crystal Armor witch saved me.

The bug went off when luckily I got another trap.
When the trap went off and my HP was almost 0 the "eternal stun" was removed.
I was capable to use potion and finished the fight.

I hope you fix this, because someone can lose his character and you'd recover it.

Hope my report help you.

Still waiting an answer, thank you.
I'm not Blizzard and I think you already know the answer to these questions but...

Is that a new feature so people in hardcore mode can't reach paragon 100 ?

No its not.

03/28/2013 04:55 PMPosted by Mickline
Is that a new bug

No its not. Its a very old bug. Pretty much as soon as people got to Diablo the problem was found.
The oldest report I found with a quick search was from back in 5/17/12 which was two days after the game was released.

and can i have that barbarian back ?

No you can't. You agreed to permanent death for any reason and that includes deaths due to bugs.

or can i just go to POE ?

I don't think Blizzard has anyway of stopping you from playing other games.

03/28/2013 04:55 PMPosted by Mickline
Are you kidding me ?

Nope. Its been reported tons of times on these forums pretty much right from the start.

Search on the word cage and Diablo:

Blizzard at least once said they are looking into it.

Nothing been done ?

No nothing has been done, at least not that we players can see. The bug is still there.
Good thing the EULA violates so many rules of my country.
Too late, no longer in my hands.

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