150m to spend - what to upgrade?

Demon Hunter
I was thinking I could upgrade my Dead Man's Legacy, but that would mainly be an eHP boost rather than DPS. Is there any other slot that I could upgrade that would be a 10k+ DPS increase?

No, I don't see one. I'm not the best resource, but I don't see you getting 10k+ dps with 150M gold. Maybe if you spend all of that gold on a Manti, but that doesn't seem to fit your build or preferred play style.

There is 1.5CC room on your bracers, but that is going to be what? +3400 dps? Same goes for helm, any Mempo / Nat's with more than 4.5CC is going to be expensive, and that will only get you that same +1.5CC (3400 dps).

I think the Inna's is the way to go for bang for the buck at lower dps or gold levels, but I remember really good Witching Hours outperforming them endgame. Maybe you start looking that way? I have no idea. Nice gear.
Thanks for the reply! I tried switching out my Inna's belt for a Witching Hour, but I didn't gain any DPS so I didn't see a point in it.

And you're right, Manticore doesn't fit my style at all, although technically I could see a sheet DPS increase, but that's not what I'm looking for.

At this point, aside from sidegrades (eHP upgrades without losing more than 2k DPS), have I hit a wall? As in, for my next upgrade, will I have to spend more than 300m? Heh

I guess my biggest upgrade would be the Marquise Ruby on my Calamity, but gear-wise I don't see that much room for improvement unless I dish out hundreds of millions, which I currently don't have.
While not a sexy upgrade, and won't give you a huge dps increase, you could also upgrade your green gems.
Your only 10K DPS upgrade that I see is free! I am talking about your HF ring. It is definitely holding you back. You need a better one...much better. There is easily 10K potential there.
nat boots with 250+ dex would give you a 6k+ upgrade

but yeah, you really should consider replacing that hellfire ring
Hm, are you guys saying I should go and invest into a new HF ring? Or should I get a new one?

Also, I could upgrade my weapon's gem, and that would be like a 12k DPS increase. But I really didn't want to upgrade my gems until I felt like nothing else could be upgraded at a reasonable gold amount.

Also, I looked into Nat boots with that much dex, and while most of them were over my budget, the ones with that much dex plus vit were well above 1b, heh.
Stone of Jordan....

hellfire ring is really holding your dps back. you could easily see a 10k+ dmg increase with a cc/cd/avgdmg + dex ring.

also, zuni's boots will be a dps upgrade for you. i just ran your character through d3up.com with my zuni's boots and its almost a 7k dmg upgrade

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