Diablo reseting my account password

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Just updated to current patch today and tried to log in, but everytime i tried to loggin Diablo change my account password and require me to unlock my account. I went thru the steps to unlock my account and change my pass thinking it's just the security routine thing from blizzard. But after the 3rd time i figure there's something wrong... i can log in Wow fine each and everytime i unlock .. but as soon as i try to log in Diablo it reset my password and want me to go unlock again. Please help!! Just came back from 4 months off and this is the first thing happen :(
same thing for me, Every time I try to log in to Diablo I keep getting a "your account is locked due to suspicious activity" I reset the pass and every thing else and still get that.

I haven't played Diablo in almost a year. so I guess trying to play the game now is different than not playing?

I really don't want to go though the password reset thing for my account again lol.

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