Where to go from here? 135k DPS

Does anyone have any advice on what I can do to my gear for the best DPS increases? I'm at 135k at the moment and I was thinking of getting a witching hour but I'd lose about 60k EHP for 14k DPS increase .. is that worth it? I don't have any LS, my only sustain is LoH from my neck piece so I don't want to lose too much EHP, or isn't it that big a deal?

I'm not really sure where to go from here, I have 60mil at the moment and yes I can get upgrades but they all seem to be minor 2-3k upgrades to DPS (except the witching hour) .. however all DPS upgrades seem to come with massive EHP losses.

At the moment I farm on MP5, things melt like it was MP0 and I rarely die. Any advice on gear progression from here would be great.
Bump, any feedback?
Inna pants and The witching hour belt will help your DpS to go higher.
I have a couple items that might help you? add me in game if you are looking to purchase upgrades and we can take a look.

I have helped many monks on these forums in the same situation as you. Often I give them items for free or for my better items I sell them at nice discounts :)

Inna's Belt similar to mine but with 8% Holy damage and cold resist instead would gain you about 6500 dps and only lose you 45k ehp. It is for the most part waaaay cheaper than a WH too.
I'd probably go with an inna belt and a new off hand weapon (w/ black damage).
To be honest, I can't figure out how you would be losing that much EHP. Your belt doesn't have armor or stacked resists so you can get a WH belt with equal or greater resists and equal or greater armor. That leaves just life and once again your belt doesn't have that much. You can get vita or % life on the WH belt too, then resocket an amythest or two to make up the rest. You will still net 10k DPS and lose no eHP.

I wish I still had my old eHP belt equipped so you could see it; it would likely add over 100k eHP more than your current belt (660 effective armor, 60 all resist, 174 vita, 12% life, etc). That was hard to replace, yours is easy. Take a look at my WH; it was under 3m. Also, it will be hard to do without losing some DPS, but you have to add LS if you plan to do higher MP levels. It really adds tremendous sustain; solid mitigation is not enough at high MP levels.

Conclusion: Get a proper WH belt ASAP and follow that up with a good LS weapon when funds allow.
Thanks for the advice guys! I managed to find a decent Witching Hour and picked it up for 10mil for a 14.3 DPS gain and 32k EHP loss. Though I can make it a 12.3k DPS gain and only 9k EHP loss by swapping out a dex gem in my chest which I might do depending on if I notice the loss while playing.

The witching hours I was looking for previously made me lose so much EHP because I wasn't looking at ones with Life %, just dex/vit/cold resist .. and anything with decent dex/vit amounts was just insanely expensive. So I'm pretty happy with the belt I got for the price that I got it at, leaves me with 60mil to upgrade something else.

I was looking at Inna's Temperance .. a cheapish pair with 90dex/60 cold resist/9% attack speed would give me 10.9k more DPS but I'd lose 118k EHP .. that seems like too big of an EHP loss for the DPS I'd gain. Do you guys agree or should I not care so much about EHP losses and offset the loss with a LS weapon?
I wouldn't since you already have the inna's 2 piece, unless you really need the atk speed or movement speed from the pants. I would rather go with a new LS offhand. Well just my two cents.
try get inna pants with around 100 vit as the random roll, that'll help you gain 10k dps whilst losing minimum ehp
I'm gonna have to save more for a good LS weapon, most I lose DPS on :( So expensive .. I saw I could pick up gloves for 50mil and get 10k DPS though, mine don't have attack speed or crit damage on them so it seems like a good place to pick up a lot of DPS relatively cheap for minimal EHP loss :)
@Corro - Nice job grabbing that WH belt, it's a nice add. Looks like you are on track. A good pair of gloves + a good LS weapon will probably leave you even or slightly up for DPS, but with a huge improvement to playability and survival.

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