How do I get higher tDPS?

That, i been reading the forum and searching, my tdps is 700k unbuffed, and i want to make it higher, any advice on what to put an eye to? I been using d3rawr, but i dont know what items will make it go higher.

Any advice will be appreciated
Fully buffed, your attack speed is between breakpoints. You're wasting 7% ias...which is awkward, 'cos it means you can't just drop the speed on say your 8% ring. You could try getting 1% ias more elsewhere, then getting a ring with no ias but more damage. Alternatively, move your EF to the offhand, and get a high black damage mace on the mainhand. You'd drop back to 2.5/2.5 aps, but the damage gain might be worth it. You'd need to run that through d3rawr to see if it'll work.

The general idea for increasing tdps is to stack lots of cc and cd. Attack speed is important, but once you have enough, getting to higher breakpoints requires several more slots, which could be better spent elsewhere.
Thank you gooball, I really did not understand everything you said xD.
But anyways gonna try your advice and see how it goes, what is black damage??
First two things that come to mind are your OH weapon and your Amulet.

Without imputing your actual information into d3rawr I would guess that a dagger would be better than a sword because of the higher attack speed (This can make a difference depending on how close you are to your next break point for tornadoes). But you would want to investigate that first under the skill damage tab).

Also, you should be able to craft a better amulet fairly easily (I'm guessing less than 100 tries).

Third, I'm willing to bet that you'd do more damage with a ruby in your MH weapon instead of an emerald.


I decided to input your character into d3rawr.

One, your EHP is crap. You have good damage, but your main progression inhibitor will be your EHP. You need AR on your shoulders and a couple other places. This will limit you. You have more than enough DPS.

Secondly, you do more tDPS than you gave yourself credit for (I got 894k for you unbuffed). You probably didn't put in the appropriate active buffs on the left side of the screen. (Battle Rage, WotB and Overpower: KS). Also, change your fury generator from Frenzy to Bash with Punish rune for the extra damage.
Thanks man, i followed your advice and got up to 500k ehp, from 3xx, my tdps stayed the same :)
Thank you gooball, I really did not understand everything you said xD.
But anyways gonna try your advice and see how it goes, what is black damage??

Black damage means no elemental i.e. no holy, or lightning etc damage. This is important because the cold damage from your SoJ will be a % of your main hand non-elemental damage.

The point about attack speed is that whirlwind and tornado work off a breakpoint system. If you hit a breakpoint, your damage goes up because the game will give you an extra number of ticks - points in time at which damage calculations are made. If you exceed that breakpoint, you get no more benefit until you hit the next one. The easiest way to see this in d3rawr is to go to the Detailed DPS & EHP tab, then click Skill Damage. Next to "Ticks per second" is a link called "breakpoints".

I'm saying you're getting no benefit from 7% of your attack speed, and with a little change, you could use that for something more useful like cc or cd.

If this doesn't make sense, try the gearing links in the sticky threads at the top of the forum. There other people have explained the idea better and in more detail.

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