decision time (wpn choices)

Demon Hunter
so i have the funds to get a serious manti or calamy, however, not so sure i wanna drop that much on either of them, or just keep building elsewhere.

so what do you think is the right choice for me? (i know, how can u know the right choice for me? but base it on your choice in my shoes)

a)calamity - i kinda want one, i think this would be fun to get.

b)manti - the big boom one, probably get the most mileage out of this one.

c)keep the golds - i am jewish....
a)... but if you go calamity as main wep, you probably would need cd on your gloves or a wh because w/o the marq emerald your cd will drop quite low vs the cc you have.
cool, thanks for the input, i have a pair of crafted gloves with 29cd on them and 10cc, 10k more dps then the ones i got on, but no vitality, same res.all too.

so i can put them on and just switch one gem to vit and i shud be good.

still, you think a over c?
What a nice dh! I can see u put tons of efforts to build this, the awesome rare xbow, insane bracer n nice chest, shoulder, lov it!

I feel like u got too much AR and HP, u probably wont die at all right now? Lol if u can deal with lower AR, im sure u can improve dps by a ton~

U lag of attack speed~ and since u been using xbow i will suggest u go for a calamity
Try something different, coz if u get manti again, its the same way of playing...
So if u decided, try get a good deal, so when u resold or u decided u dont like it, u wont lose so much

Ya agree with above, switch the glve with a Cd one!
If u got time add me in game lol

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