what are my next 2 upgrades

Appreciate the advice, i would like to know what my next two pieces I should upgrade are, so that I can work on them.

I did change out warcry for hota for single targets which works great, however I find my life goes down quicker and ww through arcane, poison and whatnot are little more iffy. I mean I only died twice due to being frozen while getting pelted by numerous things, but is still a little more iffy.

thanks all
EF with +0.25 APS
chc+chd amulet

Would probably look at getting some Vit on the IK belt or crafting Vit shoulders too. Not sure what MP you're running, but try to get at least 40K Life.

You shouldn't get frozen unless you're not able to maintain your WotB. If mobs are dying too fast to generate Fury, you may need to bump MP up a notch.

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