Demon Hunter
Any demonhunters forgoe a quiver or 2hander in favor of a shield?
I've been doing this since 1.0.3. Although, I have a DML as well (which I almost never use.)

I have 2M unbuffed eHP currently.
So does the survivability ramp up pretty good with a shield? One thing I've noticed playing with other dh's is that they always seem to die to a stiff breeze, so I'm curious if it's even possible to make a tank-ish hunter.
... Absolutely. My DH tank has 92% damage mitigation. 100k damage taken = 8k. Each block cuts that damage taken in half.

100k damage converted to 4k damage is considered a tank... That's without Gloom or Guardian Turret. 47% dodge is just icing on top.

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