So I just started playing again... advice?

Demon Hunter
It's been a while since I played and I know this game went through many updates because when this game started it was quite abysmal because my old laptop sucked, and I didn't feel the experience I felt like in D2 because some of the things were tweaked. I was stuck on Act I inferno when D3 was released because this game seemed to cater to a s*** ton of overpriced items and right now the prices seem reasonable. Also, the game itself seems to be pleasant right now.

So I'm just asking what kind of equipment I should be looking for stats/legendary/rare and what skills are commonly being used among DHs.
just change pretty much every piece of gear on your dh and you should be good
Prices are very cheap now to get a semi-decent DH.

First decide your wep, whether you're happy with calamity or manticore.

Assuming you're sticking with calamity- starting you off for dps would be nat's chest/boots/ring, inna's pants/belt. for ehp get vile wards with dex. helm- andy's visage + socket is cheaper and rocks dps, however mempo offers better ehp. I got andy's to start then changed to mempo once my dps improved enough.
The sharpshooter passive is better for PvP; if you plan on mostly doing PvE, I suggest using the archery passive and shooting for 50-60% crit chance, assuming you stick with Calamity. Right now single wield with a Calamity + marquis ruby is popular.

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