If critical mass was removed...

would you still play wizard?
If CM remove I delete my P100 Wiz
Considering that the day critical mass is removed, is the day when Wizard will return to the former D2 glory and also kick !@# in PvP too, I can't wait for that day.
DO not use it now after all the proc nerfs .

Exception Hybrid Archon refresh
It depends on other factors as well.
Yes, because I main Archon. I'll just jump down to MP7 or 8 instead so I don't have to rely on Hybrid builds.
Probably, i love the build tho so i wouldn't play it as much, i suppose the ocasional archon or the hydra bliz kite spec, Tho i have a feeling i would try to respec my wiz for some kind of meteor domination, but being that i'm more a casual player I would probably not play wiz for a while untill i can get some gold under my belt for a re-spec.

She would be sidelined for a quite a while if they remove CM.
ill play archon, a well armored archon with 9000 armor, you should see me with my LS sword DPS dont even matter face tank anything - but they will never remove critical mass. all class have mechanism to spam CM is ours.
Yeah, I would still use archon and blizzlusionistlamity build.
I would sell all the gear. Oh wait.
no i would reroll
Yes because I play Archon and don't use Critical Mass at all :P
i play blizzard build and i dont need em, remove frost nova too :D
Depending on what they gave us in return, yes.
if critical mass is removed and all other skills are buffed by the 600% they would need to be, then yes.
I do not use CM :P
ok if critcal mass was removed and they changed archon to Cost: 25 Arcane Power / Cooldown: 120 seconds / Transform into a being of pure Arcane energy for 15 seconds. While in Archon form, your normal abilities are replaced by powerful Archon abilities, and your Armor and resistances are increased by 40%. Every/ Each enemy killed while in Archon increases your damage by 3% for the remaining duration of Archon...then what

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