What is your favorite monster to kill?

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Those things in Act III I euphamistically call demon taxis, they puke out demon troops as they cling to the walls, mostly see them during the catapults quest. Demonic Hellbearers...that's them. Not a popular choice, but I figure put them out of their misery, if they're gonna blow chunks, I'll just cut them and their cargo down to size.
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Easy - Fallen Maniacs. The sense of panic when you see a swarm of them always gets my heart pumping. Love getting them before they get me!

I like skeletons!!

Fallen maniacs!! Get them before they get you!!!

Fallen Maniacs!! BY FAR THE BEST!! =D

I want Fallen Maniacs thrown by catapults in Rakkis Crossing!
I want Fallen Maniacs dropping from the ceiling in all A3 dungeons!
I want Demonic Hellbearers spitting Fallen Maniacs!


Fallen Maniacs FTW!!
I love pumbling skeletons. It's so easy and rapid especially in the barracks and tombs of acts 2 and 3.
Act 3 Scorpions. because there efficent. Oh wait, you're "Fixing" that, so now they give limited loot and limited Exp. Filler mobs are fun, right?

75% exp nerf = Typical Knee-jerk reactionary nerf that blizzard is becoming famed for. we took your fun.. and Doubled* it (*as long as Fun is defined by how we want you to play the game... otherwise we just nerf the snot out of it so you have to play the way we want)

other than that, i love killing the mobs that blow up in act 3. OH YOU WANT TO EXPLODE ME AGAIN LIKE YOU DID ALL THE TIME WHEN I WAS A WIMP? *SMASH*

Basically any mob that doesn't immediately run away i enjoy killing. anything that runs away constantly sucks hard.
Most of Act 1 mobs such as goatmen, skeletons, brawlers, and grotesque. I really like the prison cave crawlers....something about getting surrounded by them as the crawl up from the depths. Overall, Act 1 is the classic dungeon crawl, with just enough open-field battles, and the death animations are so visceral. I hope we have more designs like this in the expansions.

The later acts, I find dull since the spaces are so vast and the grand finale of each mob's demise isnt as memorable. I dig the close quarter scenarios.

-Just for the fact that you can continue to smash the corpse during the death animation

I wish you can do that to Blood Clan Occultists, they always have the most irritating affixes.
Goblins. Huge packs of archon fodder. Anything that drops that billion gold item (still looking).
Hands down: Corrupted Angels.

They look badass, they carry massive mauls, their elites are some of the most prolonged combat of all time, they got shields that block the last attack element used against them, and they scream and disintegrate when slain. A true test of your prowess and it shows that even the mighty can fall from grace.

Runners up:
The Blood Clan Khazra
Mallet Lords
Demon Raiders? Those things in Act 3 keeps and in Rakkis Crossing that get puked by that wall climbing demon. They are just easy, big targets that are pretty slow at swinging their mace
I always go out of my way to kill Heralds of Pestilence. I find them smug with their "tickle you from a distance" attack. I like to Teleport into a huge pack of Skeletons in the VotA and set off Explosive Blast as well, the scattering of flaming bones is very satisfying, especially after a long day at work!
Desert wasps and equivalent. Smug little jerks always darting up and down from the cliffs, making it ridiculously time-consuming to fight them.
Blood Clan Occultists...(for being so fat they sure can run).

Where's your shield now, lardo?
I love killing the Fallen Maniacs in my runs, and trying to get them to take out as much of their comrades as possible.

However, in terms of the mobs I love to fight because it is challenging, I have to go with corrupted angels. When they are an Elite pack I know I am in for a good fight.
Act 1, Leoric's Manor. Go back into the manor from the waypoint and going towards the stairs tons of cultists spawn. I love running through them with a tempest rush and watching them explode
Undead. Like someone else said, I love killing undead in almost any game thanks to the crunching effects.

Fallen. Just overall fun and dynamic.

Act 3 scorpions. Using merciless assault and plowing through huge swarms.
Illusionist anything with Exploding Palm: Strong Spirit. Necro style chain blasting.

Cydea because she's a little less Saturday morning cartoon than the rest of the bosses.
The Demonic Tremor in Act 3, i love watching their corpses explode and roll around, then their ribs show on the ground :)

The best way to kill them is WW then stand their and Land a final blow with overpower. Bolt of lightning then BAM! Splat!!!
Fallen manics, it's really intense.

'Can I one-shot that group of 2-3, or will they blow me to pieces'
Elite tremor packs with fast affix, on HC ruunning dh.
the rush is intense!!

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