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My name is Richard Rawing..from malaysia..recently i had bought diablo 3 cd with battle tag name IbanWarrior#. My younger brother has one to. His name is Albert Ringkai..He has diablo 3 too...He bought it through digital download. His battle tag name is Blactrone#....recently his account has been block since blizzard think something wrong is going on. he try to get it back...and i am trying to help him too. we both trying.very hard. Another problem that we had that the email adrress that he use for that battlenet ID has been used by other people and got block as a results...So he can't receive any verifiaction code to unblock the account...As for that...since i am the eldest...on behalf of him i contact blizzard through battlenet support issue regarding the matter. I follow every steps.submit my ticket.but turn to no avail.I felt it seems that blizzard are trying to get us buy a new one..They make all the profit..and we get the loss. I even begging them to unblock the account...He has a barbarian character with almost 20 paragon level...with quite high dps..and many gold in order to buy better item..Well..he can't do that now..and continue to farm or even play with that profile ever again,since he has been block and unable to retrieve it back. So ..for those people who understand or has the same problem as ours...please comment on this matter...i need your opinion...I am very thankful if you could help..
Have him create a new email address then change the email address attached to his account to his new email. Do that and Blizzard shouldn't have any qualms. They'll lock him out of his account if they think it has been compromised, the new email should be more acceptable and they'll send the verification to that new attached email address instead.
Thank you for your Necrosis..Right now i still fighting for my brother account.I hope it turns out well.

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