zero dogs /sacrifice build attackspeed cap

Witch Doctor
Hi there,

i just tested it on an Azmodan ms8 kill with a timer, and it seems like there is a cap between 2,2 and 2,5 attack speed which might be related to the cast animation.

ive tested azmodan ms8 with 2 different daggers that both do result in the same shown screen dmg, but with different speed.

i get 930-980k dps with 2,5 attack speed
and i get 930-980k dps with 2,3 attack speed

thats a bit strange...

has anyone else experiences or tests done?
i wanted to know the same...if there will be a speed cap somewhere :-(

my speed is at 2.19 and i wanted to go even higher...because my pox and my amu can both get 9% more ias and my witching and tal chest 1% more too...would be around 0.3 faster....

2.49 would be my cap then...cause i dont want to get a lacunis...

a big question for me it even good to go for a dagger?...wouldnt it be better to go for a sword with int instead of attackspeed...1.4 instead of 1.63?

i still dont know...if attackspeed always doing good

and a final question: can it be that the zombie dogs are regrowing before they are getting sacrificed? i mean...before they all explode? they all explode all after another and not all at once...thats the problem :-(

your post is confusing lol. to clarify:

there were two scenarios tested. one with 2.3 aps and lets just say 100k damage on character sheet, the other with 2.5aps and the same 100k damage on character sheet.

and you're wondering why the kill times where the same? o.O
its strange...because this build benefits twice from speed..because the spawn AND explode is faster before the dmg comes

its not normal build because you need 2 casts before you can do dmg
is it possible u 0-dog docs have the same speed breakpts as cm/sns wizards and ww/rltw barbs?
i tested the attack spd just for fun...
The gear is still in my profile..
without inna pants, i am at 2.36.
with inna pants, spd at 2.5.
I can't tell the different in animations after speed 2.2 at all.
it's fun to try at high speed with LoH at 1.1k tho.
I think I see 116k life gen per second...but that's add up with health globe bonus i have.
I dont use life steal weapon.
I just hit 2.19 but it must work above that. I use the slam dance vodoo and bumps me to 2.54 aps and I see my damage increase on crits.
look up zero dog Guides



so easy to save your self a headache if you do research.

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